Climate Change Australia – In Praise Of The CSIRO Boss

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Terry McCrann on the brave new head of the CSIRO, (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) for too long captured by global warming extremists:

CSIRO LogoCould we “persuade” the latest “Australian of the Year”, David Morrison, to take early retirement — like, immediately; and replace him with the person who has made the greatest, boldest and, dare I say it, most “innovative” contribution to Australia so far this year?…

The real Aussie of the Year is Larry Marshall, the relatively new CEO of what should be our premier 21st century research organisation, the CSIRO, but which has been in sad decline for most of this century as it institutionally gulped the Global Warming True Believers Kool-Aid by the gallon while wasting tens of millions of taxpayer dollars.

All Marshall, who has been CEO for a year, has set about doing is what any competent CEO of any organisation … would, indeed should do: aim to best, well, marshal its resources to maximise and indeed optimise outcomes.

Yet in doing so, he unleashed roars of outrage, for what he was also doing was making the first direct assault, infinitesimally tiny as it was in the global scheme of things, on the great climate-change gravy train.

This is the train funded by tens of billions of dollars of your money … to be sucked up by thousands of main-chancers around the world, from so-called researchers to business rent-seekers. “All” Marshall has done — and I put the word in quotation marks, because in its way it’s as big a step as that taken by Neil Armstrong on the Moon — is to say: can’t some tiny, tiny, bit of that money be better spent?

Instead of spending the money to continually proving over and over again the supposedly (long since) “settled science”, redirect some of it to research on mitigating or adapting to what that “settled science” is going to deliver?

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