U.S. Presidential Election Coverage In Australia

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TonyfromOzProfileImageBy Anton Lang ~

This 2016 U.S. Presidential election is getting covered here in Australia like no other Presidential election has been covered in previous years.

Previously, the Australian media might have started to cover it at around the time of the Nomination Conventions and after those, then maybe some coverage on news bulletins about the debates. However, this time around, there seems to be pretty much wall to wall coverage of virtually every aspect of the lead up to this election. There has previously been little mention, if at all, of the Primaries,while this time around, the coverage is not just on the result of those Primaries, but even the lead up to those Primaries.

Election2016Some of the TV channels are even covering those Primaries live, and the live coverage for  those Primaries comes from the ABC News 24 station. The Australian ABC media outlet is quite vast, and here where I mention ABC, this Media outlet has no relationship with the U.S. ABC media. In fact the Australian ABC has been around for longer than the U.S. ABC. Here in Australia, the ABC stands for Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It is Australia’s National Broadcaster, and is wholly funded by the Government of Australia, hence from the public purse, to the tune of around $1.2 Billion each year. This media outlet has a number of TV channels in all six of the States, and covers the whole of Australia. It also has a vast number of radio stations, and what can only be described as the largest Digital Online media presence of any media outlet in Australia. The ABC has foreign correspondents in nearly all of the major developed Countries in the World, sometimes more than one of them, and also has correspondents in many other Countries as well, journalists also able to travel anywhere at a moment’s notice to cover virtually anything at all. Now, while the ABC is the National Broadcaster, they are not really all that neutral, and have a distinct leaning towards the Left side of the political fence when it comes to reporting anything about politics, not just here in Australia, but all around the World. The ABC would like to say it is neutral, but that left leaning is decidedly obvious across all areas of their media presence.

Even the Australian Commercial TV stations and other news media outlets are also covering nearly all of it as well. With those commercial TV networks, I think this is mainly to do with the 24 hour news cycle. Those TV stations now run with one hour news bulletins in Prime Time, and previously, they were only half hour bulletins, so now they need more news to pad out their bulletin to the full hour, so every night there is at least some mention of this election in the U.S. Even so, they are all covering it, with virtually every day reporting on what is the latest from the U.S. Presidential campaign.

In much the same manner as the media in the U.S. supports the left side of politics, the Democrats, it is similar here in Australia as well. Sometimes the Commercial networks just report on the facts of what has happened, but with the ABC, they seem almost totally in support of the Democrats. Their idea of balanced coverage is reporting how Hillary Clinton is going, and then the latest ‘comedy’ from the Republican Party. Virtually all the media here in Australia, and especially the ABC has the expectation that Hillary is not only a certainty for the Democrat nomination, but also an absolute certainty to be elected President. There were some puzzled commentators here when Bernie Sanders did so well in the Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, and it was put down to a Glitch, and that this was obviously Bernie Sanders home, so he would be popular there, but they all expect Hillary to virtually sweep the whole rest of the Country.

Only a couple of nights back, the ABC ran a short interview with a commentator from the U.S. who is here at the invitation of a Left think tank, and who did they get to give Australians informed comment? That retired Democrat, Barney Frank. This is the link to that interview where Frank supported the Democrats, as I expected him to do, and then to run down the Republican candidates, as I also expected him to do.

When it comes to the Republicans, virtually all the news is about Donald Trump, with the others gaining very little reporting at all, and when the ABC mentions Trump, it’s virtually with a sneer in their voices, with the thinking that Trump only makes it more certain that Hillary will win the Presidency in a landslide.

Now, I mostly notice it because I contribute so much here at our Home site of PA Pundits International, so it’s only natural that I’m across the situation. Having been here now for eight years, and involved so much with U.S. politics, that is only natural, but even before that, I was better informed on U.S. politics than nearly all Australians, and, as some of my friends in the U.S. tell me, I know more about the politics there than most Americans do, and frankly, I don’t doubt it.

However, when I (tentatively) mention the upcoming Presidential election when I am with my extended family, and even with friends, they are totally unaware of what is happening, have not noticed this extended coverage, and in all reality, do not really care one way or the other. About the only thing any of them know is that Hillary is expected to win the Presidential vote. They are totally unaware that she has to get the nomination first. A couple of people have even told me that they have no interest in Australian politics, and even less than that in U.S. politics.

So much for the media going so hard on reporting what they are about everything that is currently happening in the U.S.

Anton Lang uses the screen name of TonyfromOz, and he writes at this site, PA Pundits International on topics related to electrical power generation, from all sources, concentrating mainly on Renewable Power, and how the two most favoured methods of renewable power generation, Wind Power and all versions of Solar Power, fail comprehensively to deliver levels of power required to replace traditional power generation. His Bio is at this link.