A Picture Of Warmist Scientists Alighting From The Gravy Train

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

All these people in this image are ”climate scientists from around the country” protesting against the CSIRO sacking global warming scientists surplus to requirements.

Get the impression that there are indeed more of them than any sane country could possibly need? That warmism is actually an industry?


A question from Jo Nova:Global Warming - Religion of the Stupid

If climate change is solved and beyond debate, who needs climate scientists?

Don Aitkin, former vice chancellor of the University of Canberra, asks the same question:

If the science is settled, why do we need all these people working at it?

Aitkin gives a history of the warming scare and concludes:

This is probably a good place to say, firmly, that in my opinion the AGW scare is not a scam, a hoax or a conspiracy. It is much more complex than that. If you want an analogy, it would be the Dutch tulip mania of the 1630s, the sort of popular delusion that infects every society from time to time. This one has infected the Western world, though not Russia, China or India.

And Aitkin could be describing some of the climate scientists in the picture at the first link above:

But the Climate Botherers — a few climate scientists, a few politicians and a noisy league of single-issue lobby groups and NGOs — keep going with their scare, because there’s a congregation of believers out there for whom it is real and important. And the media love it. It spells danger, headlines and graphic photos of steam coming out of large structure, parched earth, floods, ice, polar bears, and fire. Everything can be linked to ‘climate change’ and hardly anyone in the media steps back to ask real questions. There aren’t many left in the media to do investigative reporting anyway.

In the ten years have passed nothing scary has happened to climate.The Botherers no longer tell us that doom is around the corner; it has moved, and is now around the 2050 corner. There is still a contingent of believers, who fasten on to ‘climate change’ and what we must do to forestall it, and most of them are uninterested in reading or hearing anything that is critical of their belief. But most people just get on with their lives, and the political parties are not talking as much abut it as they did several years ago. The climate models have proved to run far too hot, climate sensitivity looks like being around 1 or a little more.

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