Blogger: Since Political Correctness ‘Is About Being A Decent Human Being,’ It Annoys Racist, Sexist Conservatives

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Tom Johnson picture-58-1409692124By Tom Johnson ~

Daily Kos writer Mark E Andersen makes political correctness sound healthy and utterly bland — the ideological equivalent of plain oatmeal. “Political correctness is nothing evil,” declared Andersen in a Sunday post. “It is not a liberal plot…It is about being a decent human being—period.”

Andersen hinted that some non-decent, anti-PC human beings (i.e., conservatives) are concealing racist and sexist agendas: “Why is it that so many on the right have a problem with this? Is it because they think ‘bimbo,’ ‘nigger,’ ‘kike,’ ‘wop,’ ‘beaner,’ and other slurs are appropriate for everyday conversation?”

From Andersen’s piece (bolding added):

Daily_Kos_logoPolitical correctness is defined as avoiding language or behavior that any particular group of people might feel is unkind [or] offensive…Political correctness is nothing evil. It is not a liberal plot to indoctrinate your children into singing The Internationale before school starts in the morning. It is about being a decent human being—period.

Why is it that so many on the right have a problem with this? Is it because they think “bimbo,” “nigger,” “kike,” “wop,” “beaner,” and other slurs are appropriate for everyday conversation?…

Sexism and racism are learned behaviors. We do not start out racist or sexist, and one who becomes racist or sexist isn’t destined to remain that way. People and attitudes change over a lifetime. The reason the naysayers don’t want to be politically correct is simple: Power, and their fear of losing it.

If you are a white male who has steadily watched your earning power go down—or one who never reached what you thought your potential should have been—you want to lash out. It is not your fault. It’s the fault of the Mexican laborer (who you describe with a slur) who took that job roofing houses, or the fault of that young woman (who you also describe with a slur) raising two kids on her own using food stamps…

…That Mexican laborer took the job because no one else would take the job. The young woman works two jobs and is going back to school one class at a time, trying to make a better life for her children while you sit on your couch complaining about that Kenyan Muslim usurper who is our president. Doing nothing to improve yourself, or your situation. Why should you? It isn’t your fault.

Donald Trump thinks because he is rich, he doesn’t have to be politically correct—because he is our better. But truth be told, not being politically correct—also known as being a dick—just shows his and his followers’ true personalities.

Tom Johnson is a contributing writer for NewsBusters.

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