Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull To Back Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd As World Leader? Seriously?

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

This is astonishing, and another sign that the Liberal Party (which is the major political party from the Conservative side of the political fence here in Australia) has been hijacked by cuckoos:

The ambition of Kevin Rudd to be UN secretary-general is fanning angst in the Liberal Party, with sharp differences emerging between the former Abbott government and the view of the Turnbull government…

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

Mr Abbott told people in private his government would have considered an appointment for Mr Rudd but he drew a firm line against endorsing him for the top UN post. However, that was at an earlier stage of the UN lobbying.

Ms Bishop has kept open the government’s options in supporting Mr Rudd, who has not declared himself a candidate to this point. His ambitions and lobbying for the job, however, are well known. Mr Rudd has raised them in the past with both Ms Bishop and Malcolm Turnbull before the latter became Prime Minister. More recently, Mr Rudd and Ms Bishop have canvassed the position.

How could a true Liberal Government even consider such a thing? The Liberals know what a disaster Kevin Rudd was as Prime Minister. They – and Labor MPs – know the deep personality flaws that made Rudd an appalling and dysfunctional Prime Minister.

The Liberals should also know that Rudd’s political philosophy, such as it is, is at deep odds with their own. He is instinctively a Big Government authoritarian, eager to spend grandly and surrender some of our national decision-making to the United Nations and the Davos-class international elites. Naturally, he embraced the global warming catastrophism that licensed exactly that. Similarly, the global financial crisis encouraged him to unleash his inner socialist in an extraordinary essay in which he declared that “not for the first time in history, the international challenge for social democrats is to save capitalism from itself: to recognise the great strengths of open, competitive markets while rejecting the extreme capitalism and unrestrained greed that have perverted so much of the global financial system in recent times”. His fundamental misdiagnosis of that crisis, actually trigger by overregulation, prompted him to unleash a massive spending spree that left Australia with a crippling debt which now could now lose us our AAA credit rating.

And, of course, Rudd, so eager for the approval of those elites and so little concerned with national autonomy, surrendered our refugee program to people smugglers and international human rights lawyers, disastrously opening the gates to 50,000 illegal immigrants.

How on earth could a Liberal Government support a man with such a record, such a character and such a philosophy?

Well, one factor is that those who have taken over the Government actually share too much of Rudd’s ideological baggage themselves. They’ve let spending grow, embraced the warming scare and even announced a big to join the UN’s Human Rights Council, whose members include such monstrous hypocrites as China, Cuba, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Another factor behind promoting Rudd for world leader may be a lively appreciation of what advantages may be had in having mates in the club with some reason to be grateful for past services. Good for the country, right? But also maybe good for Liberals passing through New York and keen for a party, celebrity dinner or a handshake with the powerful, preferably in front of the cameras.

Which reminds me of the delight our Foreign Minister expressed via leaks to the media soon after the Turnbull coup:

I mean, have you seen how Bishop is partying at the UN? There she was again this week, addressing the UN General Assembly like a world leader, with her boyfriend rubbernecking beside her in a seat normally meant for officials doing business for Australia.

The day before, some anonymous leaker boasted to a friendly Fairfax journalist that the UN’s “doors … have mysteriously swung open” to Bishop now that her boss was Turnbull and not Abbott…

Gosh, she’d even “received a last-minute invitation to attend a Sunday lunch being hosted by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for the leaders of about 20 nations to discuss climate change”.

Now, which serial leaker would have leaked that, Julie? And note how eagerly Bishop pays homage to the UN’s multi-billion-dollar green faith, like it’s the entry price to a feed.

Ooh, but how exciting it all is for Bishop. Between gigs at the UN, she even had a star-studded dinner party in Manhattan, which the dutiful reporter noted was “a more raucous affair”, “full of big names” including actor Hugh Jackman and wife Deborra-lee Furness, Mariah Carey, Robert De Niro and glamorous more.

Marvellous. Imagine how many more hot invitations come Bishop’s way once we join the Human Rights Council.

So I was not surprised that someone — you again, Julie? — briefed journalists how Bishop had tricked that silly Abbott when he tried to stop this bid, first launched by Labor, to join a council Abbott considered “discredited”.

According to a Fairfax reporter in New York, Bishop had “been ordered by Mr Abbott to abandon the bid, an about face that might have caused Australia diplomatic embarrassment”, but “Bishop was yet to carry out the instruction when Mr Turnbull deposed Mr Abbott”.

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