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Today’s music video is This Guy’s In Love With You and the song is performed here by Herb Alpert.

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A few weeks back, I featured a song from Dionne Warwick. It wasn’t one of her big hits, and in fact it didn’t even chart into the Top 40 anywhere except maybe for a couple of localised charts here in Australia. I loved the song right from when I first heard it on the radio, but I could never find it on any of her records, mainly because of its obscurity. All I did know was that the song was sung by Dionne Warwick, and was written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David. I always remembered the song, as you do with favourite songs, but I rarely if ever heard it across the years.

BurtBacharachTheLookOfLoveTheBurtBacharachCollectionWell more than 30 years after the song was first played on radio, in 2002, I was just idly flicking through some CD’s in a music store, and I saw this relatively new release from Burt Bacharach. I immediately recalled that Dionne Warwick song, and just on the off chance I looked to see if it was on this double CD set, The Look Of Love – The Burt Bacharach Collection. The song was on the album, so I got hold of it. When I played it, I was astonished at the vast range of music on it. There were 50 songs spanning virtually all the genres of music from Country Music, to Popular Music, and also to Rock Music. You got your money’s worth too, because besides the two CD’s and the 50 songs spanning well more than 2 hours of music, there was also a colour booklet, and not just a short one, but quite detailed, listing the many and varied artists and bands this famed pair wrote music for across the years, covering more than 40 years from the first song, The Story Of My Life, recorded in 1957 by Johnny Mathis right through to a 1998 song by Elvis Costello. The list of artists and bands was a who’s who of popular music across those Decades, and not just the ones most associated with the songwriting pair.

While there was one song on the album by Herb Alpert, that song was one of his earlier hits, the theme song from the (original) James Bond movie, the Bond spoof, the 1967 movie Casino Royale, which Bacharach wrote the music score for, and Herb Alpert played a number of songs for that movie score, one of those the main title song, Casino Royale, which was a hit for Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass.

Oddly though, the other Burt Bacharach song recorded by Herb Alpert was not on this album, surprising because this Herb Alpert song was a Number One Hit in 1968, and this is the song I have featured today, This Guy’s In Love With You, and the origin of the song itself is an interesting story in itself.

Herb Alpert was already a huge name in modern music, mainly with his outfit, The Tijuana Brass, and they had a number of hits, and in fact a number of best selling albums. At one stage his band had five albums inside the Billboard Chart’s Top Twenty albums simultaneously, (four of them in fact in the Top Ten) something that has never been achieved before or since, and this was when The Beatles were at their absolute peak. In 1966 alone Herb Alpert sold 13 Million albums.

Alpert already had his own music label A & M Records. (Alpert and his Partner Jerry Moss)

While doing the work for the movie score, Alpert asked Burt Bacharach the standard question he always asked other writers, if they had anything that hadn’t been recorded yet that he might think of giving him a look at. Bacharach did in fact have an earlier unrecorded song and he offered it to Alpert, even though it was basically a vocals song, while Alpert was mainly known as producing Instrumentals.

HerbAlpertThe song was this one I have featured today. Alpert liked the song and worked in his trumpet to a section in the middle of the song and the fade out, and the vocals were within his range, even though he had not recorded a vocal song previously that had ever charted. Burt Bacharach actually helped out with the arrangement and Alpert introduced the song on a TV Special in 1968, but not with a view to recording it. The TV special got a huge response, mainly for that one song, which then did prompt Alpert to record the song.

It flew up the music charts, and went all the way to Number One, not only in the U.S. but also in the UK, here in Australia, and also in a number of other Countries around the World.

On the back of that, a number of big name female artists also recorded the song, changing the wording to this girl’s in love with you. Over the years, this one song has been covered more than 50 times by other artists and bands, which must have caused Burt Bacharach to smile a bit as it was one of his songs he was not considering releasing.

Herb Alpert has had what can only be described as an immense career in the Music Industry. He ran a hugely successful recording Company, released 28 albums with his own band which charted on mainstream U.S. Charts, and five of those made it to Number One. He has sold around 75 Million records, has 14 Platinum albums, 15 Gold albums, and has won nine Grammy Awards in all. He is also the ONLY artist to have a Number One Hit with a vocal, (for this song featured today) as well as an Instrumental, his 1979 smash hit Rise.

He is just one of a virtual plethora of artists who have had hit songs written by Burt Bacharach, most of them done in conjunction with the late Hal David.

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