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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Is there any field which Tim Flannery has not decorated with his dud predictions?

Peak oil. The Financial Times, yesterday:

Professor Tim Flannery (Former Australian Climate Change Commissioner)

Professor Tim Flannery (Former Australian Climate Change Commissioner)

As a miserable year for the oil industry draws to a close … 2016 is shaping up to be even worse … The outlook was already dire a year ago. Since then, Brent crude has fallen a further 39 per cent, to about $US37 per barrel on Monday, and is trading at close to an 11-year low.

And peak Tim Flannery, Wired, March 15, 2006:

Wired: Do you believe that we’re coming into the peak production of oil …?

Flannery: All the projections suggests that we’re hitting it … Just play a little thought game … It’s 2016 … Imagine oil prices twice or three times what they are today.

Flannery seems to have a marked taste for the apocalyptic, leaving him in the curious position of being constantly disappointed by good news.

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