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PP_Burt-Prelutsky_2012-05-29.jpgBy Burt Prelutsky ~

In case you haven’t noticed, this administration, which has prided itself on getting tens of millions of us on food stamps, has recently decided that we all need additional baloney in our daily diet. You would have thought that Nanny Michelle would have put her foot down, but of course she’s fine with it so long as we finish our veggies.

For instance, there are two statistics that the White House is feeding us that are simply incompatible with each other. On the one hand, we are told that the army of ISIS numbers 40,000. On the other hand, we are told that the U.S., alone, has dropped 30,000 bombs on them. Well, either the jihadists are impervious to everything but silver bullets and wooden stakes driven through their hearts or our pilots are so terrified of being brought up on charges of causing collateral damage that they’re dropping their bombs on empty patches of sand.

For their part, France, driven by a desire to wreak revenge on the barbarians who have killed roughly 140 French citizens in 2015 unleashed the full force of its Air Force, dropping 20 bombs somewhere in Syria before flying back to France to the rousing strains of La Marseillaise, kisses on both cheeks and a ton of medals.

Furthermore, in order to appease its Muslim population and to re-establish its own anti-Semitic credentials, France recently joined with its European brethren in boycotting Israeli products. Inasmuch as the Israelis lead most of the world in the advancement of technology, including that portion of it dealing with national security, it would be wonderful — if it were economically feasible — for Israel to respond in kind by boycotting Europe in favor of trading only with Asia, Australia and the U.S.

One of the more troubling aspects of the attention Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch lavish on perceived insults to Muslims is the fact that, according to federal statistics, there are roughly four times as many hate crimes committed against American Jews than against American Muslims.

In fact, whenever people say anything derogatory about Islam, even if it’s only to say something insulting about those who burn, behead and crucify in the name of Allah, Obama will quickly object, saying: “That’s not who we are.”

But this is the same man who dismissed Christians as “those who cling to their guns and their religion,” words he has never addressed to or about Muslims. Which is why I say to Barack Hussein Obama: “You, sir, are not who we are.”

Okay, the suspense is over. Once again, I was not named Time’s “Person of the Year.” Their choice was Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Letting me know I didn’t even come close, Time listed the runners-up. They were ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi; Uber CEO Travis Kalanick; Vladimir Putin; Iranian President Hassan Rouhani; the Black Lives Matter movement; Caitlyn Jenner; and Donald Trump.

When you check out those names, you realize that except for Trump, that could well be the short list for the next Nobel Peace Prize.

At least Caitlyn Jenner, the most famous transvestite since J. Edgar Hoover, still has a shot at making the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition.

The other day, in the wake of the assault on Trump’s declaring there should be a moratorium on Muslim immigrants, my wife Yvonne, who knows me all too well, remarked that I must be jealous of all the attention he’s getting for essentially saying what I have been writing for the past several years.

Well, I had to acknowledge that the publicity would definitely help the sale of my books. It also wouldn’t bother me to hear that 300,000 Brits had signed a petition calling for England to keep me off their little island. What can you say about those Brits who want to roll out the welcome mat for thousands of Muslims, but keep out Trump? Sometimes you really don’t have to administer IQ tests to find out just how stupid people are.

Come to think of it, it wouldn’t bother me in the least if everyone from Hillary Clinton to Dick Cheney, from Rand Paul to Paul Ryan, from Reince Priebus to Dr. Krauthammer, who are calling for Trump’s head were calling for mine. In fact, in most cases, I would take it as a compliment. That would especially be the case if it was as the result of my calling for a ban on Islamic immigrants.

Speaking of which, Rand Paul introduced a bill in the Senate which would have merely suspended visas to about 30 Islamic nations. Although I don’t often see eye to eye on the issues with Sen. Paul, his bill struck me as commonsensical. After all, we know for a fact that ISIS is making every effort to sneak people like Tashfeen Malik Farook into the U.S.

However, with Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio voting with the majority, the Senate voted it down 89-10. In addition to Sen. Paul, the other nine who put national security ahead of political correctness were Sessions and Shelby of Alabama, Lee of Utah, Vitter of Louisiana, Enzi and Barrasso of Wyoming, Kirk of Illinois, Moran of Kansas and Cruz of Texas.

Before we give the GOP too much credit because all 10 senators are Republicans, keep in mind that 44 Republicans, naturally including Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, voted the same way as Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer and Chuck Schumer.

The galling part of the onslaught is that the Trump-bashers insist their grievances are based on the Constitution. While it’s true that one’s religious beliefs or disbeliefs, for that matter, can’t preclude someone from running for elected office, nowhere is it written that a religion that demands adherence to Sharia Law can’t be used to keep out those who can’t honestly swear allegiance to the U.S. Constitution.

Those who would argue with that clearly suffer from the delusion that it is those demanding entry to America who hold both the moral and legal high ground. The fact is the Constitution doesn’t even prevent our limiting immigrants to those of a certain height, the way that Disneyland keeps short people off certain rides.

As some anonymous person recently wrote: “Turning away Syrian refugees is neither mean nor heartless. Neither is shutting down our southern border. I lock my doors every night, not because I hate the people outside my house, but because I love the people inside.”

I’m not suggesting that Trump is being Churchillian in his alarms against the current crop of Islamo-Nazis, but at least he isn’t sticking his head in the sand or up his backside by pretending that adherents to Allah are interchangeable with Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus, or that the Koran doesn’t say exactly what ISIS, the Ayatollah and the Farooks, have said it does.

I can see where Democrats would like to make political hay out of the fact that Trump would deny Iranians entry to America and would have the Attorney General give Iranian students one month to report to their local immigration office and face immediate deportation if they were found to have overstayed their visas.

The problem for the Democrats is that it wasn’t a contender for the GOP nomination who said those things. It was President Jimmy Carter, in 1979.

As I told my wife, I will only vote for Trump if he garners the nomination and it comes down to him or Hillary. In the meantime, he’s my 6’2″ canary in the coal mine. So long as he’s still walking around, I figure I’m safe.

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