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PP_Burt-Prelutsky_2012-05-29.jpgBy Burt Prelutsky ~

I think I have at least a partial solution to the reduced defense budget. I think that along with an all-volunteer military, we should have an all-voluntary support system. After all, something like six out of seven people in the military will never engage in combat. Today, with this reluctance to have “boots on the ground” or, in other words, doing the job our tax dollars are supposed to pay for, why not get old people to take over those essential tasks that don’t call for toting 70-pound packs, climbing walls and marching?

After all, you don’t need young, able-bodied guys to hand out uniforms, cook, serve as clerk-typists, clean latrines and you certainly don’t need to provide benefits and medical care to the guys who play in military bands.

Recently, for the 10th or 20th time in the past few years, someone forwarded me an alarming notice from the Commerce Department, warning that the Arctic Ocean is heating up and that fishermen, seal hunters and explorers, are all pointing to a frightening rise in the temperature, resulting in melting icebergs and vanishing glaciers.

The kicker is that it was reported by the AP and published in the Washington Post…on November 2, 1922. Fifty years later, Newsweek warned that we were entering into a new Ice Age. And yet here I sit in mid-December, 40-odd years later, and my parka is still in mothballs.

What Obama and his EPA are doing to businesses around the nation, Governor Jerry Brown and his stooges in the legislature are doing to businesses here in California. They have seen to it through the Private Attorney General Act that ordinary citizens can sue their current and past employers for what they regard as violations of the labor code. It is commonly referred to as the “sue your boss” law.

Because going to court to defend against a lawsuit is such an expensive and time-consuming proposition, lawyers know employers are likely to settle. Besides, a boss going to court against an employee in the People’s Republic of California has the same chance of prevailing as the proverbial snowball that finds itself in Hell. The question remains why anyone would ever consider opening or maintaining a business in a state that is riddled with sanctuary cities, the highest taxes in the Union and politicians who seem unaware that the day will inevitably arrive when those who pay the taxes will be gone and they’ll be left with 20 million laggards and 10 million illegal aliens on welfare.

Even though I have dealt with the question as to why 75% of Jews insist on voting for Democrats on several occasions, the question keeps arriving with a regularity that my bowels can only envy. The other day, I wrote back to one of my readers, letting him know that just because Jews are very high achievers when it comes to science, business, medicine and the arts, one shouldn’t assume it goes hand-in-hand with wisdom or common sense.

It helps explain why so many American Jews — particularly those teaching and studying on college campuses and those in the media — are among the most enthusiastic when it comes to condemning Israel as militaristic and fascistic.

The reason that non-Jews are so confused by this state of affairs is because they generally have a high regard for Jews and feel so protective towards Israel. For the most part, Jews in America are Jewish only because their parents or grandparents were Jewish. Their real religion is Liberalism. In most cases, they receive two traditional gifts at their bar mitzvah. The first is a fountain pen. The second is a lifetime subscription to the NY Times, which thereafter will serve as their bible. Their god, you see, is not the one referred to in the Old Testament, but, rather, whichever Democrat happens to be in the White House at the time.

Speaking of which, Barack Obama chose Rabbi Susan Talve to light the White House Menorah to celebrate Chanukah. I can only imagine that Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the Ayatollah Khamenei were otherwise engaged.

As Thomas Lifson wrote in the American Thinker: “Talve is a member of the anti-Israel group known as Truah,” which is involved in the vile BDS movement, which calls on colleges, corporations and individuals, to show support for the Palestinians by boycotting Israeli products, divesting themselves of their investments in Israeli companies and, finally, leveling sanctions on the nation of Israel.

Rabbi Talve is also a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, so instead of saying a single word about Chanukah, she delivered a rant about getting guns off the street. “I stand here,” she said, standing next to that other Talmudic scholar, Barack Hussein Obama, “with my fierce family of clergy and Black Lives Matter activists who took to the streets of Ferguson.”

She also rambled on about how “the gates of this nation should be open to all immigrants and all refugees. I stand here to light these lights to say no to the darkness of Islamophobia, Homophobia and Transphobia.” Then, after demanding justice for the Palestinians, she began chanting “Ins ‘Allah, Ins ‘Allah,” which apparently means “Allah willing, Allah willing.”

Ms. Talve, who looks a like a slightly younger Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is the founding rabbi at the Central Reform Congregation, apparently the only Jewish congregation within the city limits of St. Louis. Not too surprisingly, its motto is “Our goal is justice.” For a Jew, learning that Central Reform is the only synagogue in St. Louis is very depressing. It would be like a Christian getting the word that the Trinity United Church is the only church in Chicago.

No matter how much unbelievable evil is perpetrated by Muslims in the name of Allah, some people insist on justifying it by attributing it to poverty, although much of the violence is perpetrated by those from the middle and upper classes. I even heard one guy on the radio, someone who sounded a lot like John Kasich, say: “Why don’t we take care of these people? Give them good jobs, give them a wonderful life. These are beautiful people.” I can only suppose he hadn’t heard about Seyd Farook, who had a good job and, seemingly, a pretty wonderful life, but wasn’t, as we learned 14 dead and 22 wounded people later, such a beautiful person.

And how is it that these apologists for all things Islamic don’t spend their time finding excuses for our non-Muslim rapists, pedophiles and murderers?

Donald Trump, as you all know, is not my favorite contender for the GOP nomination. In fact, I think I have him in sixth place at this time, although I’ll vote for him if he’s the nominee. But I don’t like hearing that a bunch of professional party hacks like Karl Rove and Reince Priebus are attempting to shanghai the convention in order to prevent Trump from being the nominee.

As I have said in the past, I am a conservative by conviction, a Republican only because the alternative is so awful. But schmucks like Rove, Priebus and Mitch McConnell, do not speak for me or most of the people I know, and I sure wish they’d stop pretending they did.

When I say how awful the option is, you understand I have the Democrats in mind; specifically, the present emperor and the woman who would be empress.

When Barack makes the two following statements, can he be so dumb that he fails to recognize they are totally irreconcilable? In the first instance, he said: “We are sending assault weapons to rebels in Syria to confront a regime that does not represent them.” In the second, he said: “There is no reason why any American should own assault weapons.”

As for Obama’s would-be successor, can you imagine a corporation seeking a CEO who is pushing 70, is known to be a habitual liar and who is under an FBI investigation for leaking national security documents? I mean aside from Planned Parenthood and the Clinton Foundation.

Finally, Obama and the Democrats keep insulting our intelligence by comparing the Syrian refugees to the Pilgrims. The most obvious difference between the two groups is that the Pilgrims were escaping religious persecution, whereas these refugees belong to an evil cult that consistently engages in religious persecution.

In fact, the only places that Muslims ever improve are those places they leave.

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