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Today’s music video is Stand By Your Man and the song is performed here by American Country Music Legend Tammy Wynette.

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Everybody knows this classic song from Tammy Wynette, and while she is probably the most famous of those original female Country Music artists, what is interesting about this is how this song became so big here in Australia, and for that to be explained correctly, I have to take you back to the time when it first was such a hit, and my perception of the song, at that time.

My music tastes were still evolving, and had been for a number of years now, since the early and mid 1960’s.

The only access we had to music here in Australia was via the radio, so other than people who could afford their own music systems at the time and could afford the cost of having a range of music, all that we as young teenagers had, was the radio, and at that time, it was still AM radio, as FM was still ten tears away in Australia. Even saying that, radio was mainly the province of the Capital cities in the Australian States. While there may have been up to ten or a dozen radio stations in those Capital cities, only about four or five of them were really competitive for an audience, so they played the most popular music that they thought might attract a larger audience.

Australia was also a much smaller place than America, so there was really no such thing as specialist Country Music radio stations, and because of that, no specific Country Music charts like they had in the U.S. with a vastly larger audience, so that Country Music could be catered for.

So, all the music you did mainly hear on the radio was the most popular music at the time.

This was also during that time where so much new music was coming out of the UK, referred to in the U.S. as The British Invasion, while here in Australia, it was just the generic, Popular Music.

While there was the occasional song we now refer to as Country Music which did become popular, it had to of the absolute best of that genre to make it to airplay on the radio stations here, so what we now know as (dedicated) Country Music, here in Australia, and for those us whose music tastes were still evolving, it was just popular music.

TammyWynetteThis song by Tammy Wynette was a monster hit in the U.S. especially on the Country Charts, in late 1968, and it crossed over onto the Mainstream Charts as well, because it was just so good. Because of that, the song gained traction here in Australia, only at a later time than in the U.S.

It started to chart in late February of 1969, and gradually made its way up the Charts. On the National Chart, it made it as high as Number Five and spent a number of weeks inside the Top Ten, and all up spent 16 to 20 weeks on the Charts. This was a pretty good result for a flat out Country song at a time when there was so much good music around, nearly all of it out of the UK, with great new songs released every week.

We look back now, and this song would be perhaps the best of those classic Country songs from female singers, and for it to perform so well on the mainstream Popular music charts, which was all there was here is a testament to just how good the song really was at that time, and how good we know it to be now, around 47 years after it was first released.

Tammy Wynette made this song so popular at a time when Womens Liberation was the coming thing, and this song is almost anachronistic with the theme of the liberation of women, describing the situation that no matter what, a woman should always stand by her man.

Classic songs stand the test of time, no matter how long they have been around, and this song is as good today as it was way back then.

It was written in the studio in basically 15 minutes by Tammy Wynette and her Producer Billy Sherrill, and at first Tammy was not all that happy with the song, because its theme was not one she was used to singing about, but it soon became her signature song. It is perhaps one of the most recognised Country songs of all time.

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