Cutting Back On ANZAC Day At Gallipoli? Didn’t We Say We Wouldn’t Let The Terrorists Win?

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

ANZAC Day, April 25th, is the most revered day on the Australian calendar. For background on this most important of days, see the information and further links at the following link…..TonyfromOz.

ANZAC Day – 25th April 2015 – Centenary Commemoration

Pardon? What happened to all that talk about not letting the terrorists win by changing how we live?


The original Badge of the Australian Army, worn on the hats of every Australian soldier. This is known as The Rising Sun Badge.

The government is considering cutting back on Anzac Day commemorations in Gallipoli next year because of the terror threat.

Veterans Affairs Minister Stuart Robert said the Gallipoli dawn service, one of Australia’s most significant commemorative events, would remain.

But the government is consulting Turkey on whether the commemoration at Lone Pine, conducted during the Anzac Day morning, should be called off…

“On reflection as there are risks to Australians and New Zealanders in attending multiple services, often over two days with little sleep with the Lone Pine service held in an exposed and isolated location, a review of the continuance of the Lone Pine service is appropriate,” he told parliament.



Louise Roberts:

Lone Pine is an exposed and isolated spot. History tells us that. Put yourself in the mind of those soldiers, of course naturally terrified about being slaughtered, weeping as they said their Hail Marys before lurching into the machine gun front line.

But what a terrible contrast we present in our rush to change how we remember them.

We cannot let terrorists dictate our way of life or dilute our traditions on the basis of What If….No alert system can deliver 100 per cent perfect security but if we allow them to change how we love and how we respect, they have won.

Fiddling with Gallipoli is two fingers to our surviving vets from all conflicts. What’s next for the paranoid? Tweaking Christmas because Santa might run amok with a pump-action rifle and an Islamic state flag in a shopping mall?

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