Sunday Music – Catch Us If You Can

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Today’s music video is Catch Us If You Can and the song is performed here by the English group The Dave Clark Five.

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This video was posted to You Tube by Mark DeJoint

Don’t blink as you watch the clip, as it’s not even two minutes long, and that was by no means short for hits around this time from not just this one band but from many of them. This is a rare clip of the song in colour, as nearly every song from that time of a band or artist was in black and white. As is obvious from the clip, they are miming along to the recorded version of the song, and that was also typical for the time as well. They all did it. This was just one of the hit songs for this band, and they had a string of hits, both in the UK and the U.S. where they were in fact almost as big (at the time) as The Beatles. They were also hugely popular here in Australia.

It’s easy to look back now with hindsight on what is referred to as The British Invasion. It wasn’t called that when it was happening, either here in Australia, or where it was all happening, in the UK. It was just a continuous stream of absolutely wonderful music.

How lucky were we as teenagers to be around at that time, and just coming to appreciate music when all this started?

It was bewildering at times, as there was just so much new music, nearly all of it good, and nearly all of it from the UK, starting in 1963. You can look back now through lists of bands and artists, male and female, who are classified as part of that British Invasion and for every list you see, you could virtually double it, as so many acts came along like shooting stars, only to vanish and never be heard from again, or move sideways into other bands.

You’d hear a new song so often, you barely had time to get to know the song before it. Sometimes a new band might even have a second or even a third or more hit, and they would wear the tag of the new Beatles. It seemed, even then, to a young teenager like me that most of the songs were fillers to be played in the lead up to the radio playing the next song by The Beatles. Looking back now, that tag of ‘the new Beatles’ might have been a curse, but it was something that was never going to happen. A lot of the songs were basically just others attempting to catch up to where The Beatles had already been.

The Beatles were so good, mainly because of one thing. For a period of two full years, The Beatles played as the resident band at one or two clubs in Hamburg, in Germany, and, in all, they made five trips to Hamburg, starting as teenagers, ranging in age from 15 to 17. In Hamburg, they played all night sessions, not just a one hour ‘blast’ on stage at a concert, but for anything up to eight hours at a time, every night of the week. During the day they practiced, and then played all night. Doing something like that, then you get to learn your instrument, other instruments and everything about playing music constantly. That gave them the background for the time when they became so prolific. It was already what they had been doing constantly for a number of years. They could not only play a range of instruments, almost to perfection, sing beautifully, all of them, and not just the lead singer, but all of them. They could compose music, something they did sometimes in minutes, and it was not just the odd song here and there which was their own composition, because everything they did was their own music, words and music. They knew it by rote.

When a new band came along, they may have had a good song, but they couldn’t do it on the prolific scale that The Beatles could. A radio DJ gave them the tag of ‘the new Beatles’, and it never eventuated. Some of those bands actually did last, and some even a lot longer than The Beatles, who finally split up in 1970, but no band has ever had the number of smash hits that The Beatles had in what seemed to be a long time, but was barely 8 years as recording artists as the original band, and each then went on to have highly successful solo careers.

DaveClarkFiveCatchUsIfYouCanThis band featured with today’s music clip is The Dave Clark Five, and they were one of those bands given that tag of ‘the new Beatles’. As with every other time that tag was attached, it never eventuated. This band however, did have a prolific number of hit songs, and one of them, their early smash hit Glad All Over knocked The Beatles I Want To Hold Your Hand from the Number One position in early 1964, and that was when that tag was given to them. Over the next three years they had a string of hits, and nine of them made it into the Top Ten, with only one of them going all the way to Number One.

This song featured today was in the middle of of those Top Ten Singles, and was released in mid 1965. Dave Clark was the drummer in the band and the main song composer and arranger. The band was hugely popular and had a name high up on that second tier of bands with The Beatles all on their own on that top tier.

That car featured on the cover of the single is a Series One E Type Jaguar, perhaps one of the most beautiful sports cars ever constructed.