Canada’s Lurch To The Left. But Europe, Though…

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Greg Sheridan on victory of Justin Trudeau, leader of Canada’s Left-wing Liberal Party:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The defeat of conservative Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper is a telling blow against conservative politics in all Western societies and has substantial policy implications for Australia…

Harper was Tony Abbott’s role model and closest analogue among international leaders, just as Harper earlier had greatly admired John Howard…

Trudeau promised to end Harper’s social conservatism, muscular foreign policy and to moderate his free market economics. The Liberal leader will raise taxes on high-income ­Canadians but cut them for the middle class. He had a penchant for symbolic issues which played well with Canada’s liberal elites …

He plans to legalise marijuana… He plans to take the budget into deficit in order to double spending on infrastructure as a way of stimulating the sluggish economy. He will reverse some social spending cuts and expand the role of the federal government. Perhaps most significant for Australia, Trudeau plans to find a way to price carbon…

Abbott’s closest advisers in ­office saw the Abbott-Harper axis as representing a crucial policy alliance in Western politics. Nowhere was this clearer than in their common opposition to emissions trading schemes… Harper was also, like Abbott, a muscular advocate of Western values and decisive foreign policy, including through the deployment of Canadian armed forces in support of the US-led coalition in Iraq and Syria.

Harper and Abbott were the two Western leaders who shared by far the strongest political commitment to Israel. Canada a few years ago famously failed to ­secure a seat on the UN Security Council substantially because ­Ottawa would not compromise its support for Israel. This element of Canadian policy will diminish, or perhaps disappear, under Trudeau.

Debt, welfarism, pandering to Islamism. Strange how this mixture so appeals now.

The decline of the West continues.


There’s been a lot of opining about the decline of conservativism. That said, centre-Right governments still rule in Australia, Britain and New Zealand, even if the Prime Ministers of each are compromisers.

But in Europe the swing is more clearly to the Right, driven by invasion of Europe that has been a consequence in part of the politics of the Left:

In Austria, the far-right Freedom Party achieved its highest-ever vote share in municipal elections this month, while in Switzerland on Sunday, the ultraconservative Swiss People’s Party won a clear victory after campaigning against “asylum chaos.” In Poland, a nationalist party whose leader has warned that refugees will bring “parasites” and “cholera” to Europe is expected to triumph over the ruling centrists in a vote coming up on Sunday. Merkel’s approval ratings have dropped as Germany has accepted a historic number of refugees. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has only been strengthened as his government has rolled out mile after mile of barbed wire to keep them out.


No wonder Europeans are scared:

Hundreds of protesters in the Swedish city of Malmo were filmed Monday chanting in Arabic about slaughtering Jews and stabbing soldiers.

Pro-Palestinian groups organized a rally in the city center against what they called Israeli violence and to show solidarity with Palestinians amid deadly measures taken by Israeli authorities to stop the recent spate of attacks on Jews in Israel and the West Bank.

Isaac Bachman, Israel’s ambassador to Sweden, posted on his Facebook account a video taken at the rally showing hundreds chanting “‘slaughter the Jews, stab soldiers.” In other slogans, the chanters encouraged “heroes to carry out attack after attack” and to “start a third intifada.”

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