Australia – No, We’re Not Multicultural – Or Shouldn’t Be

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Dr Peter Phelps, the Government Whip in the Legislative Council of the State of New South Wales, says we lost the plot with multiculturalism:

MulticulturalAustraliaWe have been a successful immigrant nation … because while we are multiethnic we are not multicultural, at least in our public culture. If one goes through the list of the six key determinants of culture—language, law, religion, food, clothing and entertainment—one finds that they are overwhelmingly British or, if one extends the cultural terms a little further, there is Anglo-American dominant culture in this nation.

Waves of migrants have come in over time and those waves of migrants have fitted in with the established modus vivendi which allowed them to deal not only with the existing dominant Anglo culture but also with immigrants from other cultures. In the immediate post-war period when a German met a Pole he understood what it meant to be an Australian; when a Serb and a Croatian met in that immediate post-war period they understood what it meant to be an Australian… They may reject that, but they at least had some sort of understanding.

I feel sorry for post-1975 communities who arrived in Australia because as a political class we have sold them a dud. We have sold them multiculturalism as an absolute value when what we have really meant—and this was first read down by the Hawke Government—is that we will accept certain cultural practices that do not threaten or impinge upon the existing cultural traditions of the Anglo mainstream…

We would not accept the situation if a North Korean refugee were to arrive in Australia suggesting that he wished to establish an Australia with a Juche ideology. If it is true then for an ordinary immigrant, how much more true is it for refugees and asylum seekers who are fleeing the very cultures that put their lives, their prosperity and their families under threat? The key to our success has been that we have been welcoming but we expect that there be a level of conformity to the existing rules of this nation…

This is what we should have said: “You are welcome to our country. We will greet you, but we expect certain conditions to be met in relation to cultural assimilation.”

The extreme of the multicultural mindset demonstrated here.

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