Scenes From The Invasion And Occupation Of Europe

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Outside the fence around the entrance to the tunnel to Britain stands the Third World, demanding to be let in:

The women stand covering their faces in a small group and holding up signs while under a motorway bridge on the outskirts of Calais.

Behind them is the Jungle camp – a wasteland where around 4,000 asylum seekers live and the place just 333 women and 123 children now call home… These women are from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Afghanistan and are seeking safe refuge from their home countries…

Many of the women admit to sleep six to a tent for security as they live in constant fear of being raped after dark when men drink and fight… Refugees wander around the camp which is littered with papers, old food boxes and overflowing waste. The smell of human waste is overpowering.  The small row of chemical toilets doesn’t look like it has ever been cleaned. It is obvious that no one wants to use them.

These toilets have been erected along with street lighting and a couple of water points by the French authorities who have now pledged to turn the camp into a humanitarian refugee centre with £3.6m from the European Union. These small official gestures, along with the surrounding razor wire, add an air of permanence to the camp, which already has a small number of shops selling tinned food, cooking oil and other basic essentials…

I count at least ten separate agencies giving out hot meals and food. There are also bags of discarded clothing lying abandoned all around us; I watch a young man inspect a bin bag but when he sees it is full of baby clothes he throws it onto the mud and walks away..

…one of the church leaders tells me later that tents are regularly slashed and burned to the ground. Three nights before a neighbour was stabbed eight times in the chest.

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