Climate Change Australia – China Pretends It Will Cut Emissions, While Making Sure We Cut Our Throats

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Bottom line: China’s emissions will keep growing. Feeding the global warming scare means encouraging its Western rivals to cut their own growth, giving China a strategic long-term advantage:

Australia’s Environment Minister Greg Hunt has cast doubt on China’s willingness to impose an effective price on greenhouse gas emissions, noting its regional cap-and-trade schemes have given almost all of their carbon credits away for free.

ClimateChangeAustraliaSpeaking after reports that China was moving toward an emissions trading scheme, Mr Hunt told Sky News: “A quarter of the world’s emissions are coming from China and that is set to increase by 150 per cent from 2005 to 2030.

“If China takes action to reduce emissions that’s good, but it’s up to each country to work out how they do it.

“I’d be very interested to know what percentage of permits are given away for free; it’s 99 to 100 per cent for the pilot schemes, and that may well be the case here.”

China President Xi Jinping will announce later today a cap-and-trade program to limit greenhouse gas emissions in a landmark commitment, according to The New York Times.

With Malcolm Turnbull now Prime Minister, global warming turns from a negative to a positive for Labor Party Leader Bill Shorten:

If China thinks that the sort of policies Labor’s recommending are a good idea, if the Americans are going down the same path, and if Labor is going in lock-step with rest of the world, why is Malcolm Turnbull the only person who is chasing after Tony Abbott’s discredited schemes?

Malcolm Turnbull, in order to capture the Liberal Party and replace Mr Abbott, has had to sign up to a dirty deal to implement Tony Abbott’s failed policies on climate change.

So much posturing, and the maddening thing is that 97 per cent of journalists refuse to see the satellite data that’s right under their nose – data showing no real warming for 18 years:


Chances are that that some modest warming will resume at some stage, but what is unquestionable is that what we’ve seen is way less than the models predicted. But so much pride and money is now at stake that few warmists dare admit it.

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