Illegal Immigration Australia – Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull In Charge. People Smugglers Sense Opportunity

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Paul Toohey says people smugglers have been marketing the replacement of Tony Abbott as a business opportunity:

siev300A well-connected Iranian asylum-seeker stranded in Jakarta told News Corp he was approached by an Iranian smuggler a month ago, who told him the leadership would soon change and that the way to Australia would reopen.

The smuggler guaranteed a ride to Australia for US$5000, once a new prime minister was installed.

“He said the Australian PM will change and after that we start,” said the asylum-seeker… The smugglers’ recruitment campaign did not identify incoming Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as a soft touch on boats.

Rather, Tony Abbott was pitched as so hard line that any replacement would be milder.

One sign of a softening:

This week’s cabinet reshuffle has scaled back the role of Immigration Minister Peter Dutton on the nation’s peak security council in a change that has triggered … concern from Coalition MPs.

Mr Dutton has been taken off the national security committee of federal cabinet as a permanent member despite the growing ­importance of border protection and his role in preparing citizenship reforms that seek to punish terrorists…Mr Turnbull’s spokesman noted yesterday that the immigration portfolio had not always been represented on the committee. The minister was on the committee from 2001 to 2003, at the height of John Howard’s hardening of policy on boat arrivals.  One Liberal MP told The Australian the change seemed to scale back the focus on one of the ­Coalition’s strongest achievements in this term of government — stopping boat arrivals.


Malcolm Turnbull on Sky News this morning sent a dangerous signal. He refused to rule out changes to our border policies, and thanked a journalist for caring about illegal immigrants on Manus Island and Nauru. Uh oh!

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