Europe Invaded: Germany Now Home To Riots Between Kurds And Turks

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Import people, import their culture – including their old tribal hatreds.

This week in Germany, now being invaded by tens of thousands more illegal migrants from the Middle East:

The war between the Turkish government and Kurdish rebels spilled into the streets of Germany this week, with fierce clashes between thousands of ethnic Kurds and Turks that police struggled to keep apart.

Clashes took place in Frankfurt, Stuttgart and the German capital, Berlin… In the German capital Berlin some 100 Turks affiliated with the Grey Wolves, a Turkish far-right, extremist organization, waved their flags and verbally attacked Kurds on the other side of a police barrier. The Kurds reacted by hurling eggs across the line… In some German cities, clashes between the two sides left dozens wounded…

Tensions across Germany have been high because of events in Turkey and due to thousands of war refugees mainly from Syria – among them Kurds—have flooded into the country as Europe faces its worst refugee influx since World War II.

Germany, which is home to about two million ethnic Turks and around half that number of Kurds, has firmly stood beside the autonomous Kurdistan Region in northern Iraq in its war against the Islamic State group (ISIS), which has raged for more than a year.

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