Climate Change Australia – Pacific Islands Not Drowning. Not Battered By More Cyclones. Not Our Fault

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Global warming activists in Oxfam and Fairfax newspapers re completely impervious to scientific evidence.

Take this report by Michael Gordon in The Age:

Global Warming PoliticsTony Abbott faces a cool reception when he flies to Port Moresby this week from Pacific Island leaders who say global inaction on climate change threatens their existence.

The Prime Minister stands accused of largely ignoring the calls for more ambitious emissions reduction targets and stronger support for islands facing extreme weather events and rising sea levels…

The case for stronger action by Australia and New Zealand is pressed in report called A Question of Survival prepared for the meeting of Pacific Island Forum Leaders by Oxfam Australia…

The report accuses the two governments of failing to respond to the “wake-up call” of Cyclone Pam’s devastation of Vanuatu six months ago and catastrophic flooding in Kiribati and Tuvalu earlier this year.

First: whatever Australia does to its emissions will actually make no practical difference to global warming.

Second: satellite data shows the atmospheric temperature has in fact not risen by any significant amount for 18 years now.

Third: Even the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change accepts there have actually been fewer cyclones and not stronger ones over the past century, which suggests Cyclone Pam is unrelated at all to global warming.

Fourth: 80 per cent of coral reef islands in the Indian and Pacific oceans have grown in size or stayed stable. Tuvalu’s main atoll has gained 32 hectares in the past 115 years. Parts of Kiribati have also grown, and it’s flooding had more to do with inappropriate development and Cyclone Pam, not global warming.

In short, this story’s claims about rising seas and worse cyclones devastating Pacific islands which Australia could save from runaway global warming are false in every respect.

But journalists can write this stuff with a clear conscience because the worst they can be accused of is an excess of virtue.

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