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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

One of the great frustrations of many conservatives is that few Liberal Party MPs seem to have the conviction, the courage or the talent to argue fluently for liberal or conservative principles. (The Liberal Party is the major political party on the Conservative side of politics in Australia)

I suspect Maurice Newman is among that alarmed number:

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Senior Fairfax journalist Peter Hartcher writes of the Prime Minister: “In a desperate effort to hold on to his job, Abbott has turned increasingly to a reactionary stance to mollify the group he sees as his final bastion of support, the right of his party.”

Crikey correspondent Guy Rundle comments that “populist right” columnists such as Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine and Rita Panahi “talk in a language no one understands anymore”. We get the picture.

Hartcher and Rundle see Australia’s political centre as having moved to the Left, with Tony Abbott’s appeal limited to a dwindling base of heartless, greedy, right-wing, racist, misogynistic, homophobic reactionaries who support inequality, lack compassion, deny climate change, oppose same-sex marriage and champion crazy ideals like free markets, smaller government and family values that no one understands anymore.

While there may be some embellishment and wishful thinking in what they write, there is truth as well. The reason Australia is in its current predicament is precisely because, over decades, the centre-right has too easily yielded to the language of the Left in handicapping the productive activities the free-enterprise system unleashes…

It is emblematic of the times that when a Coalition premier advocates a 50 per cent increase in the GST to meet rising health and education expenses without offering corresponding tax or spending cuts, rather than being jeered, he is cheered for having the courage to float the idea. There is no analysis of what this would do to the national economy, no reference to the Japanese experience, where a 60 per cent sales-tax hike ended in recession — just acquiescence. This is the Greek mindset…

So it’s time to relearn the language of smaller government, self-reliance and wealth creation. It has a brighter future than Greek.

Andrew Bolt is a journalist and columnist writing for The Herald Sun in Melbourne Victoria Australia.

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