Evil In Camouflage

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20130613_TomMcLaughlin_at_CPAC_2010By Tom McLaughlin ~

“It’s a lump of cells,” insisted my left-wing opponent, referring to what is removed from a mother in an abortion. I started off the show with the appalling news that Planned Parenthood was selling parts of aborted babies as documented by a series of videos released by the Center for Medical Progress last week. He pooh-poohed it. That’s what the left must do – deny that it’s a human baby being killed in every abortion procedure. He stuck to the protocol. Every two weeks, my Democrat friend, Gino, and I meet in the local Time Warner studio to debate social and political issues of the day on our show called “Left and Right.” The sale of baby parts was big news last week.

20150820_abortionbabycellsLeft wing Democrats (is there any other kind now?) never say “baby” or “human” or “kill” when discussing abortion. They don’t even like to say “abortion,” preferring to substitute “choice” or “women’s health” as if pregnancy were a disease and abortion the cure. They cannot talk plainly about what really happens during an abortion or people would be horrified. Hence, discussion is antiseptic and language censorious. The undercover videos cut through all that. Abortion doctors working for Planned Parenthood described how they modified abortion technique so as not to “crush” some baby parts and preserve them for sale, all this while chewing on a salad and sipping wine. “We’ve been very good about getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part,” said Dr. Nucatola, medical director for Planned Parenthood nationally, “I’m going to basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.”

Clearly it’s not just a “lump of cells.” It’s got a heart, a lung, and a liver because it’s a baby.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest insisted last week that the videos were “entirely inaccurate,” then admitted he hadn’t seen them and he was repeating Planned Parenthood’s own talking points. Earnest said they were “selectively edited.” If you’re inclined to believe that, watch one yourself.

The first three videos released were bad enough, showing doctors talking about how they do abortions, but the fourth showed images of Planned Parenthood staff poking at the baby parts in a dish, identifying a brain, a kidney, a leg, and a penis, declaring, “It’s another boy!” This, of course, is kryptonite for Democrats.

On my show I said abortion is the single most important issue for the Democrat Party, and my Democrat opponent agreed. To allow images of aborted human babies would be death for Democrats so, while claiming the videos were “extremist, right wing” attacks on Planned Parenthood, they went into defensive mode. Obama’s new Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced an investigation – not of Planned Parenthood which was violating federal laws against sale of human baby parts – but of the Center for Medical Progress which was exposing it all!

Leftist mainstream media outlets like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and the big broadsheet newspapers can be relied on to ignore stories depicting abortion in a bad light. That’s why they refused to cover the Dr. Kermit Gosnell murder trial, which I covered extensively in this column. They’re doing their best to play down the Planned Parenthood videos as well, giving the poached lion in Africa far more coverage than Planned Parenthood selling baby parts in the United States.

Boston College philosophy professor Peter Kreeft said: “When I talk about abortion, I often surprise most of my audience, even some prolifers, by saying that not only is abortion always evil but that it is not a ‘complex issue,’ that deep down we all know that it is evil; that Mother Teresa is very clearly right when she says ‘If abortion isn’t wrong, nothing is wrong.'”

Kreeft is right. Deep down, we all know it. That’s why most Democrats qualify their support for abortion by saying: “Personally, I’m against abortion, but I believe a woman has a right to choose.” That’s why Planned Parenthood is always blowing smoke about what they actually do, insisting it isn’t really a baby. It’s just a lump of tissue like an appendix or a tonsil. That’s why our left wing media couldn’t cover the murder trial of abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell. That’s why even most pro-life people can’t bring themselves to look at pictures of aborted babies. Because we know evil when we see it – all of us. Loretta Lynch is investigating the Center for Medical Progress instead of Planned Parenthood because she wants to shoot the messenger, not the evil perpetrator – which has become an object of worship for Democrats. That’s why Democrats fight state laws requiring women to have ultrasound images of what is in their uterus before having an abortion. Ninety percent of them change their minds when they see it’s not just a “lump of cells.”

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