Australian Politics – To Peter Hartcher, Everything Not Green Must Seem “Hard Right”

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

The Sydney Morning Herald’s Peter Hartcher sure lives in some bubble of inner-city Leftism to think that opposing things such as higher power prices, closing our coal industry or same-sex marriage are just concerns of the “hard Right”:

In a desperate effort to just hold his job, Abbott has turned increasingly to a reactionary stance to mollify the group he sees as his final bastion of support, the hard right of his party.

On renewable energy, coal mines, gay marriage, Abbott chooses a truculent defence of a right wing minority over a broader national interest approach.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Hartcher, who is yet to apologise for sliming Abbott as a possible homophobe on false evidence, seems once again to be consulting his Leftist prejudices and grudges and not the facts.

Abbott’s stand on renewable energy and coal mines is in no way just a pander to the pejoratively titled “hard Right”. They are not only personal convictions but mainstream Liberal positions.

As for Abbott’s position on gay marriage, once again he reflects the overwhelming view of his party room, contrary to the impression Hartcher gives. My evidence:

The Australian Marriage Equality … analysis shows 18 Coalition MPs and senators support same-sex marriage but 83 oppose it. Another 22 are either undecided or have not yet declared their position.

As for Abbot allegedly lurching to the Right, more nonsense. Square that booga-booga theory with Abbott pushing his disastrous recognition campaign, compromising on his renewable energy target plan, dropping some of his tough spending cuts, buying off the build-them-here lobby with a $20 billion order for Adelaide frigates and icing talk of cutting Sunday penalty rates.

Hartcher is describing a demon world of his imagination, not reality.

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