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“To take a single step beyond the boundaries thus specially drawn around the powers of Congress, is to take possession of a boundless field of power, not longer susceptible of any definition.” —Thomas Jefferson, Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank, 1791


Illegal Immigrant With No ID Murders in Ohio

Barack Obama has said again and again that his immigration policies only deport the illegal immigrants who are the worst of the worst. But in prioritizing certain deportations, a Mexican who had no driver’s license, green card or birth certificate allegedly murdered a 60-year-old woman, attempted to rape a 14-year-old girl, and wounded another person. Juan Emmanuel Razo was only taken into custody July 27 after a shootout with Ohio law enforcement. But here’s the kicker: Immigration officials questioned Razo July 7 and decided to let him go; he had committed no crime at that point. This incident did not occur because of some local policy creating a sanctuary city — the policy that led to the murder of Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco. But Razo’s case is still anecdotal evidence that a tough immigration enforcement strategy might have stopped this violence. (No one said Donald Trump didn’t have a point.) Now that Razo’s charged with a string of violent crimes, justice demands a reckoning — and sloughing him off to where he came from is not an option. The municipal judge, Judge Michael Cicconetti, said at the arraignment, “I can’t set a bond high enough. How in the hell do I even know it’s him?” Indeed, how could ICE verify that Razo — if that’s his real name — didn’t commit a violent crime before?

The Planned Parenthood Videos Just Keep Coming

The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) has a fourth video out this morning, and their press release gives this description: “New undercover footage shows Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains’ Vice President and Medical Director, Dr. Savita Ginde, negotiating a fetal body parts deal, agreeing multiple times to illicit pricing per body part harvested, and suggesting ways to avoid legal consequences.” Ginde, who was also a featured part of the third video, says, “We’d have to do a little bit of training with the providers or something to make sure that they don’t crush” a baby’s organs during second trimester abortions. She reveals that “sometimes … someone delivers before we get to see them for a procedure.” Which means potentially born-alive infants. Ginde also suggests, “Putting [this harvesting] under ‘research’ gives us a little bit of an overhang over the whole thing.” In other words, they can avoid legal trouble. She goes on to describe talking to attorney Kevin Paul, who she says has “got it figured … because we talked to him in the beginning, you know, we were like, ‘We don’t want to get called on,’ you know, ‘selling fetal parts across states.’” Finally, the CMP press release says, “As the buyers and Planned Parenthood workers identify body parts from last fetus in the path lab, a Planned Parenthood medical assistant announces: ‘Another boy!’” Yes, another murdered and dismembered boy.

It’s no wonder that Planned Parenthood is working to silence coverage in the Leftmedia, which is all too happy to oblige. People know this is so offensive they’d rather get worked up about a poached lion in Africa than dismembered children for sale.

Cincinnati Cop Caught Killing on Camera

University of Cincinnati police officer Raymond Tensing, 25, faces 15 years to life in prison for the murder of Samuel Dubose on July 19. His body camera caught the entire traffic stop on film. When Tensing ordered Dubose out of the car, Dubose instead started the car and began pulling away. Tensing yelled “Stop!” and drew his gun, firing a single round into the back of Dubose’s head. Tensing later claimed he was being dragged by the car and he feared for his life. But Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters said, “He wasn’t dealing with someone who was wanted for murder. He was dealing with someone who didn’t have a front license plate. This was, in the vernacular, a pretty chicken-crap stop. … I’m treating him like a murderer.”

There are undoubtedly cops who make terrible errors in judgment and abuse their power. Tensing appears to fall in this category, and we’re glad he was wearing a body camera to prove it. That practice should become more common. The one caution we’d add is that even this video doesn’t tell the whole story. Dubose had a lengthy record, though nothing violent, and he was not acting aggressively in this case. More important, every time a white officer kills a black man, leftists attempt to paint the entire law enforcement community with the same racist brush. Finally, on any given day in the U.S., there are 40 murders committed, frequently black on black. Who can name one?

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A Lesson in Picking Winnable Fights

By Allyne Caan

Intraparty disagreements are hardly unusual in Congress, but when bickering moves from behind closed doors to the House floor, news is made. And Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) captured headlines this week by filing a motion to “vacate” the speaker’s chair — occupied, of course, by John Boehner.

In the motion, Meadows says Boehner has attempted to “consolidate power and centralize decision-making, bypassing the majority of the 435 members of Congress and the people they represent.” In an interview with radio host Mark Levin, Meadows added that he hopes his “colleagues will see that there’s something inherently wrong with the leadership that we have and it’s time for a change.”

It’s no secret Boehner doesn’t claim the title of conservative darling. This past January, House Republicans staged the largest defection from a sitting speaker in at least a century, with 25 members, including Meadows, voting for someone other than Boehner. And last month, 34 Republicans bucked Boehner by opposing the rule to bring Barack Obama’s trade bill to the floor. In retaliation, three of those members were kicked off the House whip team, and Meadows was given the option of resigning his subcommittee chairmanship or being demoted.

While dozens were willing to break from Boehner in these votes, far fewer are willing to seek his ouster. Indeed, Reps. Walter Jones (R-NC) and Ted Yoho (R-FL) are two of just a handful publicly to come out in support of Meadows, with Jones claiming that “too many times, [Boehner] has used that position to intimidate and coerce.”

Be that as it may, it’s for good reason that the ouster effort has received so little support, as it’s quite likely this conservative trio is hurting the cause more than helping it by working to remove Boehner right now. It’s one thing to seek meaningful and substantive change armed with a plan of action and a roadmap for moving forward; it’s another to come out with guns-a-blazin’ and no strategy for moving forward following a loss, let alone a win (which, incidentally, isn’t going to happen here).

Now, lest you stop reading, fearing a forthcoming endorsement of Boehner’s leadership or a call for conservatives not to rock the political boat, don’t worry, neither is going to happen. But rocking the boat so you get thrown off while the establishment remains standing does not make a strategic — or effective — approach. If anything, it stages a dog-and-pony show for the media with ticket proceeds benefitting the Left.

Meanwhile, although conservatives’ hopes that House business would shift their way following the 2010 and 2014 election waves haven’t fully materialized, the fact that more and more Republicans are willing to stand their ground against the establishment is a good sign and a clear indicator that the conservative voice in Congress is growing stronger. And Meadows’ effort is one of those signs.

By all means, House conservatives should continue to buck leadership when leadership compromises conservative values, marginalizes the concerns of their grassroots base or succumbs to the Left’s propaganda machine. The leadership is certainly guilty of those things. And by all means, House conservatives should continue to seek a conservative speaker when the opportunity next arises.

Strategy, however, means knowing which shots to take and which to hold — not because they’re not clear shots but because, in the long run, they don’t contribute to taking new ground. Conservatives are justifiably angry at the unwillingness of the leadership to stand strong on principle, but the rush to die on every hill is self-defeating.

At the end of the day, Speaker Boehner will emerge from Meadows’ effort unscathed, while the Leftmedia will have been handed a story packaged complete with a bow. In the fight for true change, conservatives can do better.



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Victor Davis Hanson: “For better or worse, illegal immigration is tied to race and ethnicity. No doubt, ignorant racism drives some to oppose illegal immigration. But by the same token, the advocates of open borders, many of them with strong ties to Mexico, would not be so energized about the issue if hundreds of thousands of Europeans or Africans were entering the U.S. illegally each year. There is too often a surreal disconnect about the perception of the U.S. in the immigration debate. Millions, we sometimes forget, are fleeing from the authoritarianism, racism, corruption and class oppression of Mexico. They have voted with their feet to reject that model and to choose a completely different — and often antithetical — economic, social, cultural and political paradigm in the United States. Somehow that bothersome fact is lost in the habitual criticism of a hospitable and magnanimous America. Then there is the matter of law. America went to war over the Confederate states’ nullification of federal laws. A century and a half later, do we really want hundreds of sanctuary cities, each declaring irrelevant certain federal laws that they find bothersome? For every left-wing city that declares immigration statutes inoperative, a right-wing counterpart might do the same with the Endangered Species Act, gun registration laws, affirmative action or gay marriage. The result would be chaos and anarchy, not compassion.”


Insight: “Here, I think, lies our real dilemma. Probably we cannot, certainly we shall not, retrace our steps. We are tamed animals (some with kind, some with cruel, masters) and should probably starve if we got out of our cage. That is one horn of the dilemma. But in an increasingly planned society, how much of what I value can survive? That is the other horn.” —C. S. Lewis (1898-1963)

Upright: “If you criticize a huge government program that hands out checks with virtually no strings attached, opponents say you must hate the poor. On the contrary: If you care about your fellow man, you know that turning him into a passive welfare recipient robs him of his dignity and often dooms his children to a soul-deadening cycle of poverty. Making sure that welfare is a true hand-up and not a hand-out is, in fact, the true compassionate stance. The problem is that many conservatives fail to frame the issues this way.” —Ed Feulner

Dezinformatsia: “In fact, [the Republican] party now might even reject Nixon and Reagan.” —Larry King

Village idiots: “I have seen pictures from [the Planned Parenthood videos] and obviously find them disturbing. Planned Parenthood is answering questions and will continue to answer questions. … [T]his raises not questions about Planned Parenthood so much as it raises questions about the whole process, that is, not just involving Planned Parenthood, but many institutions in our country. And if there’s going to be any kind of congressional inquiry, it should look at everything and not just one [organization].” —Hillary Clinton

Non compose mentis: “I think they have a policy of opposition to us and of great enmity, but I have no specific knowledge of a plan by Iran to actually destroy us.” —John Kerry

And last… “John Kerry said Iran won’t use any of their $150 billion in newly-unfrozen assets to fund terrorists, because ‘they’re not allowed to do that.’ Great. It’s foreign policy by ‘gun-free zone’ sign.” —Fred Thompson

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