Renewable Power Australia – Here Comes Another Multi-Billion-Dollar Green Catastrophe, Uncosted By The Australian Labor Party

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Not costed, not modelled and not effective in “stopping” warming anyway. The truth behind the Australian Labor Party Leader Bill Shorten’s impossible “aim” of doubling renewable energy in 15 years – without hitting power prices:

Australian Leaderr Of The Opposition Bill Shorten (Australian Labor Party)

Australian Leader Of The Opposition Bill Shorten (Australian Labor Party)

Labor has failed to detail the cost to consumers and electricity generators of its ambition to rapidly accelerate Australia’s renewable energy use to 50 per cent in just 15 years…

With business, unions and Labor figures expressing dismay at the calculated shift to the Left on climate change, incoming ALP ­national president and opposition environment spokesman Mark Butler struggled to spell out the impact of the surprise policy.

He equivocated on the crucial question of whether ratcheting up the use of heavily subsidised ­renewables such as wind farms and rooftop solar panels would bring down household electricity prices, saying “there are too many factors in the electricity system to be definitive about this’’…

The policy on renewables — ­released two days before the party’s national conference — did not go to shadow cabinet, leaving some Labor MPs feeling ambushed­ and angry, but was discussed by the leadership group…

Modelling undertaken last year by Deloitte Access Economics showed the existing RET pushed up electricity prices, costing the economy up to $28 billion and a net loss of 5000 jobs…

Interviewed on Sky News, Mr Butler had difficulty explaining what an increase in renewables would mean for household electricity prices. He said all the modelling, including for the government’s review on the RET, showed “adding additional electricity puts downward pressure: that doesn’t mean there aren’t other price pressures’’.

What a joke:

The Labor Party has commissioned no modelling on the impacts of its proposed 50 per cent renewable energy target, saying it will consult on “the finer detail” of the policy when it is in government…

Asked to release Labor’s modelling, [environment spokesman Mark] Butler said it relied on reports that were “all in the public realm” including from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, ClimateWorks, and “some of the government’s own modelling”.

Adam Creighton:

Labor’s plan to require half of ­Australia’s electricity to come from renewable sources such as wind and solar power will greatly sap productivity and could significantly boost retail electricity ­prices, as more unwanted supply is forced into a market already groaning under excess capacity.

The renewable energy target, due to reach 33,000 gigawatt hours by 2020, would need to surge to 110,000GWh by 2030 to meet Labor’s ambitious policy, accordin­g to ACIL Allen…

ACIL chief executive Paul Hyslop said: “If this were met by wind power it would require 10,000 to 11,000 additional turbines … with capital costs for the turbines alone of $65 billion.

ACIL said the total capital cost would be in the order of $100bn — about three times the cost of the National Broadband Network…. Frontier calculated the net economic cost of Labor’s policy to be $35bn in today’s dollars..

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