Renewable Power Australia – Labor Party Leader Bill Shorten Versus The Economy: Demands Higher Power Prices

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Under pressure on leadership, the Australian Labor Party Leader Bill Shorten lurches even more to the Left, promising a policy that will savagely increase the cost of electricity:

solar111_thumbOpposition Leader Bill Shorten is set to unveil a bold climate policy goal requiring half of Australia’s large-scale energy production to be generated using renewable sources within 15 years.

This means more than doubling green power but without using more of the hydro electricity that so far produces most of it. (Labor won’t build more dams.)

That vast expansion of wind and solar will not happen without paying a fortune in subsidies and forcing consumers to use more green power, given how expensive it is:


This will potentially cost taxpayers and consumers billions more each year, when we already subsidise green power by around $3 billion a year.

Effect on global warming? Nil.

Effect on the economy? Business lost, jobs lost.

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