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“Your love of liberty — your respect for the laws — your habits of industry — and your practice of the moral and religious obligations, are the strongest claims to national and individual happiness.” —George Washington, letter to the residents of Boston, 1789


Second Planned Parenthood Video: Price Negotiations

There is now a second undercover video (filmed in February 2015) revealing Planned Parenthood’s evil baby-organ harvesting schemes. After learning last week that the nation’s largest abortion mill is trafficking baby parts, this time we see Dr. Mary Gatter, president of the Planned Parenthood Medical Directors’ Council, haggling over the price of those “specimens.” But don’t worry, she say cavalierly, “patients don’t get anything, of course.” She also insists, “We’re not in it for the money,” though, she adds, “it has to be big enough that it makes it worthwhile for me.” And she later jokes of the price arrangement, “I want a Lamborghini.” Gatter mostly downplays the price because, she said, “We don’t want to be in a position of being accused of selling tissue and stuff like that” — even though that’s exactly what they’re doing. And Gatter was cognizant of the “specious little argument” they’d have to make to patients, who are “signing something and we’re signing something that’s saying, ‘We’re not changing anything with the way we’re managing you just because you agreed to give tissue.’” Because it’s illegal to change the abortion procedure to what she calls a “less crunchy technique” in order to harvest body parts.

The ghoulish nature of the people running Planned Parenthood is horrifying but it isn’t surprising. After all, they’re killing children and using every euphemism in the book to excuse it. With such a total lack of moral compass, why wouldn’t they take it to the next level? We suppose it’s only a matter of time before we get another “apology” for Gatter’s “tone.”

Obama Still Hasn’t Lowered the Flag for Chattanooga Marines

Five days after an Islamic radical murdered five unarmed U.S. Armed Forces personnel in Chattanooga, Barack Obama has yet to lower the White House flag to half-staff to pay his respects. Symbols are important, and Obama isn’t ignorant of that. In fact, he recently treated the White House itself as a billboard for his political agenda by lighting it up in rainbow colors after the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage. Perhaps he’s been too busy reviewing the case for allowing transexuals to serve openly in the military to remember that lowering the flag would be appropriate. Military.com reports, “Obama has issued presidential proclamations that lowered flags at federal facilities and military bases after many mass shootings, including attacks at the Washington Navy Yard, Fort Hood in Texas, and Sandy Hook elementary in Connecticut.” But not Chattanooga. Why?

Ignoring Cuba’s Present Doesn’t Fix Its Past

With another ugly notch in his belt of foreign policy legacy, Barack Obama’s Bay of Pigs has come to fruition: The U.S. and Cuba opened embassies and established official diplomatic ties for the first time in 54 years. Agence France-Press declared the move means “eliminating one of the last vestiges of the Cold War,” and Obama spokesman Josh Earnest pontificated that it’s “yet another demonstration that we don’t have to be imprisoned by the past.” But officially recognizing and glad-handing the brutal dictatorship of the Castro brothers by no means eliminates any vestiges of the Cold War; it only ignores them (see also, ending the war in Iraq versus winning it). Furthermore, the Cuban people remain “imprisoned by the past” — namely, by a totalitarian and communist government. Marco Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants and a GOP presidential candidate, declared he would end diplomatic relations with “anti-American communist tyranny.” But Republicans weren’t the only objectors. Sen. Robert Menendez, Democrat from New Jersey and likewise the son of Cuban immigrants, blasted Obama at December’s initial announcement, saying, “President Obama’s actions have vindicated the brutal behavior of the Cuban government.” The only step remaining is granting the Castros’ demand that Obama “dismantle” the longstanding U.S. embargo against Cuba. That will require congressional approval, though — unless Obama decides it doesn’t.

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Spin Machine Goes Full Cycle for Iran Deal

The Barack Obama Lipstick-on-a-Pig Tour kicked into high gear this week, as he and his various minions set about praising the recently signed Iran nuclear deal. Using his standard false dichotomy shtick, Obama claimed the only options for preventing a nuclear Iran are his deal or war, thus attempting to frame the recent deal as the only palatable outcome.

Secretary of State John Kerry attempted an even greater slight of hand, claiming the Iran deal was done in “the same way that Ronald Reagan negotiated with the Soviet Union.” He conveniently forgets, however, that Reagan walked out of the Reykjavik talks in 1986 rather than give away his missile defense program to Mikhail Gorbachev and the Soviets.

But UN Ambassador Samantha Power gets our nod for Absurdity of the Week. She claimed, “If Iran … abides by the commitments that it agreed to in this deal … then it will find the international community and the United States willing to provide a path out of isolation and toward greater engagement. We hope Iran’s government will chose that path.”

Apparently she didn’t get the memo from Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei: “Our policy regarding the arrogant U.S. government will not change. We don’t have any negotiations or deal with the U.S. on different issues in the world or the region. Whether [the deal is] ratified or not, we will not give up on our friends in the region.” Khamenei was referring of course to “friends” Bashar al-Assad, Hezbollah, the various Shiite militias that are the defacto Iraqi Army, and the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Translation: “Thanks for the deal. Death to America!”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, echoing Winston Churchill, continued warning the world of what to expect in the future: “[The deal] may block or delay Iran’s path to one or two bombs for the next few years, assuming they don’t cheat, but [it] paves their way to many, many bombs after a decade or so because they become a threshold state with full international legitimacy.”

Robert Satloff, executive director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, notes correctly that the deal “maps Iran’s emergence as a regional power, with the full blessing — even support — of the United States and the international community.” Satloff also points out a crucial problem with the so-called “snap-back” sanctions provision of the deal: It grandfathers in any deals signed before the UN re-imposes sanctions.

Speaking of the UN, Obama couldn’t wait to take this deal to the UN Security Council, where it won unanimous approval on Monday. This allows Obama to frame a potential congressional rejection, however unlikely, as an act that would isolate the United States from its negotiating partners. In addition to the damage done to our national security by accepting this deal, Obama has thus laid the groundwork for a future president who will have to damage our international standing by withdrawing from the deal.

This is exactly why any binding deal with Iran should have followed the formal treaty process laid out in the Constitution. But Obama knew he wouldn’t have 67 senators supporting the final deal, considering how much he gave up for so little in return, so his plan has always been to race across the finish line before Congress could stop him.



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Stephen Moore: “The U.S. economy — especially the private sector — is structurally very healthy. That wasn’t the case on the eve of the great financial meltdown of 2008 when American companies and households were leveraged up to their eyebrows. … The stunning improvement in business and family balance sheets is arguably the most impressive and underreported characteristic of this U.S. recovery. … At a time when private sector debt burdens have flattened out and even fallen, the government debt has soared frighteningly from $8 trillion to $16 trillion. If there is a fundamental structural weakness in the economy holding back growth, this is it. … The private sector should be borrowing more, but in a responsible way, to finance future growth, and the government should be tightening its belt and borrowing much, much less. In other words, it’s time for government austerity and private sector expansion.”


“No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation.” —General Douglas MacArthur

Trust but don’t bother verifying: “[Iran is] not allowed to [transfer money to Hezbollah]. … There’s a UN resolution that specifically applies to them not being allowed to transfer to Hezbollah. They are specifically not allowed under another UN resolution to transfer to the Shi’a militia in Iraq.” —John Kerry insisting we should trust Iran on its $150 billion in sanctions relief

Non Compos Mentis: “I’m a religious person. I go to church. Do I do things that are wrong? I guess so. … If I do something wrong, I try to do something right. I don’t bring God into that picture. … When we go in church and I drink the little wine, which is about the only wine I drink, and I eat the little cracker — I guess that’s a form of asking forgiveness.” —Donald Trump who claims he just “speaks the truth”

Mixed up: “I wouldn’t say I’m African-American, but I would say I’m black, and there’s a difference in those terms. … I just feel like I didn’t mislead anybody; I didn’t deceive anybody.” —Rachel Dolezal, the white former NAACP chief in Spokane

“Donald Trump’s campaign has raised about $100,000 in donations during the second quarter. Which raises an important question: Who is giving Donald Trump money? That’s like giving your money to a pile of money.” —Jimmy Fallon

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