Renewable Power Australia – Green Electricity Is Fueled By Your Taxes And Extra Charges

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

The ABC, Fairfax journalists and green carpetbaggers are today demanding even more taxpayer handouts for green power. They have already helped to force through a law obliging us to make 23 per of our electricity come from more expensive power sources such as wind and solar. Now they want cheap loans, too, supplied by taxpayers.

And all the time they claim that forcing us to us more expensive green power actually saves us money:

Australian Solar Council chief executive John Grimes accused Tony Abbott of playing “cynical politics” after the Prime Minister insisted on Sunday that his government “supports renewables” but wants to “reduce the upward pressure on power prices”…“ Tony Abbott is keeping people trapped paying higher electricity prices,” Mr Grimes told Fairfax Media.

You are being hoaxed. The more wind and solar power we use instead of cheap coal, the greater the overall cost to us.

Challicum Hills Wind Power Plant near Ararat in Victoria Australia.

Challicum Hills Wind Power Plant near Ararat in Victoria Australia.

As for this latest controversy, once again you are being misled:

Political storm? Adam Gartrell, Fairfax, yesterday:

Tony Abbott has dramatically escalated his war on wind power, creating a new cabinet split and provoking a warning he is putting international investment at risk … The government has ordered the $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation not to make any new investments in wind power projects … Joe Hockey and Mathias Cormann have issued the so-called green bank with a directive to change its investment mandate, prohibiting new wind funding. It’s understood the directive was issued without the approval or knowledge of Environment Minister Greg Hunt, angering the minister.

Just wind. Greg Hunt, Twitter, yesterday:

The Fairfax story today is factually wrong and is a misleading beat up.

More Hunt:

Fairfax was told on Friday that the mandate reflected the agreement with crossbench senators — as detailed in a letter from myself to the senators that was tabled in the Senate and widely reported at the time.

And yet more from the Minister:

This agreement was extensively discussed between and jointly approved by Minister Cormann and myself.

Fairfax are blowhards. Hunt again:

I fully support the changes to the CEFC investment mandate and any suggestion to the contrary is categorically wrong. Claims that I have been “angered” are a complete, absolute and utter fabrication.

The Hunt Twitter tornado finally calms with these tweets:

I’ve been repeatedly critical of the CEFC investing taxpayer funds in projects such as existing wind farms, rather than focusing on solar and emerging technologies. Our policy is to abolish the CEFC but in the meantime it should focus on solar and emerging technologies as was originally intended.


To hear how the ABC pushes green claims almost without question – and certainly without questioning global warming or the difference green power would actually make – hear Fran Kelly’s interview with Environment Minister Greg Hunt this morning.

The ABC not biased? Shame on the ABC bosses who repeat that brazen lie.


Reader Mark M consults a dictionary:

Luddite – noun1.a member of any of various bands of workers in England (1811–16) organized to destroy manufacturing machinery, under the belief that its use diminished employment.

Reader Mark M cites an example on the ABC yesterday:

Mike Seccombe on Insiders at 7.25 mins – “It just goes to show that this government is pretty “luddite” when it comes to anything to do with renewable energy.” But anyone with a slightest grasp of knowledge of human history knows that coal power replaced windmills. It is luddites like Mike Seccombe who argue we return to them.


If only the Government really were at war with green power:

Forget the hysteria generated by the Fairfax media, the opposition and the Greens over the government’s so-called war on wind.

Wind-driven electricity generation in Australia could just about double in the next five years regardless of the government’s directive to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to steer clear of wind farms and solar rooftop panels in new investment. The growth will be driven by the Renewable Energy Target, which underpins the projects courtesy of a subsidy paid by electricity consumers and legislated targets, rather than concessional loans from the government.

The question at the heart of the government’s decision to change the CEFC’s investment mandate, revealed at the weekend, is whether wind turbines and solar rooftop panels on homes are still emerging technologies…

Far from being a surprise, the government’s desire for more start-up loans for solar rather than more funding for wind was flagged in a letter from Environment Minister Greg Hunt to the crossbenchers last month when an agreement on changes to the RET deal went through parliament.

As The Australian reported on June 28 last year:

THE Clean Energy Finance Corporation is likely to be directed away from lending to wind farms in favour of programs that ­support the Coalition’s “direct ­action” plan such as energy-­efficiency schemes and leasing for solar hot water systems…. Senior government sources have told The Weekend Australian the CEFC could be instructed to favour direct action-style programs such as providing leasing for households to install solar hot water systems and for energy-­efficiency programs instead of wind farms.

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