Where’s The Sorry For That Great Barrier Reef Scare?

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

In 2002, on Australia’s ABC, and warming alarmists told us the Great Barrier Reef was dying:

KERRY O’BRIEN: …  the greenhouse effect could also spell disaster for coral reefs around the world, including our own natural wonder, the Great Barrier Reef. As Australia prepares for another hot summer, one man is on a mission to capture as many corals as possible on high-definition camera before even more stretches of once-spectacular reef are bleached bone-white.

GreatBarrierReefJoanne Shoebridge reports.

JOANNE SHOEBRIDGE: … There is agreement that a permanent rise in sea temperatures of two degrees will be fatal for most corals. Even the Marine Park Authority isn’t optimistic. The question is: how long do they have?

DR PAUL MARSHALL, BARRIER REEF MARINE PARK AUTHORITY: We’re seeing some reefs start to lose lots of their coral… So there’s no doubt that if global warming continues reefs are going to look way, way different in the near future…

JOANNE SHOEBRIDGE:… In the worst-case scenario, David Hannan believes virtual reality cinemas might be as close as our children, or grandchildren ever come to experiencing coral reefs.

Now, 13 years later, the ABC reports:

MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: The United Nations’ World Heritage Committee has voted not to place the Great Barrier Reef on the “in danger” list. Intense lobbying and hundreds of millions of dollars from the Federal and Queensland Governments to protect the site have convinced the 21 nations that the reef is on the right track.

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