Illegal Immigration Australia – Too Late. A Thousand Died While The Former Labor Government Dithered

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

The real question is not whether Labor will finally agree to towing back the boats. The question is really why Labor didn’t agree six years ago, when a 1200 lives could have been saved:

Suspected Illegal Entry Vessel

Suspected Illegal Entry Vessel

The Australian Labor Party leader Bill Shorten is under increasing pressure from within senior NSW ranks of his opposition cabinet to adopt the Coalition’s turn-back policy on asylum seeker boats.

The Daily Telegraph understands the party’s largest faction, the NSW Right, is now united behind the push to support Tony Abbott’s controversial policy in the belief that Labor would otherwise be unelectable.

In a sign the ALP national conference could descend into warfare over the issue next month, veteran Labor frontbencher and senior member of the NSW Right Joel Fitzgibbon yesterday publicly backed reversing Labor’s policy to adopt turn-backs…

Mr Shorten was forced to rebuke opposition immigration minister Richard Marles last year when he suggested a similar backdown on Labor’s opposition to turning back boats…. Sources close to Mr Shorten claimed the Labor leader privately supported the same view, but had to accommodate an increasingly hostile position on the policy from the Left. 

How weak. A real leader would have backed Marles.


It is bizarre that even when turn backs have been shown – yet again – to work and to save lives, there are many in Labor so ideologically blind to the evidence:

Members of Labor’s Left faction said Mr Fitzgibbon’s comments were disappointing and ill-considered…

Concerns were also raised about Mr Fitzgibbon’s intervention at this time, described as not constructive and not in the right spirit of how the debate should be conducted.

Left faction member, WA Senator Sue Lines, said Mr Fitzgibbon was welcome to express his view, but she did not expect it to be endorsed by conference delegates… The same view is not held by all Left faction members, with one senior member endorsing Mr Fitzgibbon’s comments…

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