Terrorists And Criminals Yes, Trans Fats No

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DeroyMurdockBy Deroy Murdock ~

Obama’s tragicomic reign recently has taken several truly frightful turns. On his eagle-eyed watch, we now learn, easily preventable homicides actually occurred, and designated potential terrorists are manning the secure areas of U.S. airports. Meanwhile, Obama deployed the federal government’s ferocious power . . . against a food additive.

20130607_jail_locked_up_largeFor starters, Obama’s hands are soaked with the blood of  as many as 121 people who were murdered by illegal-alien criminal convicts after he failed to deport them and, instead, released them onto America’s streets. According to a May 28 letter from Immigration and Customs Enforcement to Senator Charles Grassley (R., Iowa), 121 illegal-aliens convicted of crimes, who awaited deportation, were freed into the general population between fiscal years 2010 and 2014 and are now charged with homicide. Among these, immigration courts sprang 33. Another 24 were liberated thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court’s Zadvydas ruling, which caps alien pre-deportation detentions at six months. The remaining 64 releases were at Team Obama’s discretion. These particular thugs, whom Obama could have kept in custody, went off and killed more than five dozen individuals.

Thanks, Obama!

Mind you, these 121 killers, of whom Obama cannot escape responsibility for at least 64, are just a rounding error among the 66,565 illegal-alien criminal convicts whom Obama released over the last two years, so the death toll from Obama’s anti-American recklessness is probably higher. The feds do not alert local law enforcement when they make these releases, which only makes it harder for cops to protect their own communities from Obama’s terminal negligence or malevolence, as the case may be.

Obama’s  excuse for all of this is that  the home countries of these hoodlums wouldn’t take them back – boo-hoo! – so he had no choice but to let them prowl America’s neighborhoods  in search of murder victims.

Obama somehow convinced Qatar to kennel the Taliban Five, after he idiotically swapped these Guantanamo alumni for alleged deserter Bowe Bergdahl. Just this week, Obama persuaded Oman to accept six more extreme terrorists whom he freed from Gitmo. Obama talked Uruguay into taking another six Gitmoites last December.

The Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general reported that 73 aviation employees prowl secure areas of U.S. airports despite being on the Consolidated Terrorist Watchlist. Why?

If Obama can find refuge for high-level, world-class jihadists, he certainly could encourage, cajole, or flat-out pay El Salvador or Honduras, for instance, to house these illegal-alien convicts if their native countries don’t want them. If Central American prisons make these illegal-alien crooks uncomfortable, tough. Here is some free advice on how to avoid this inconvenience: Do not break into America and then commit more crimes.

Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general reported on June 4 that 73 aviation employees prowl secure areas of U.S. airports despite being on the Consolidated Terrorist Watchlist. Why?

As the I.G. explains, “TSA is not authorized to receive all terrorism-related information under current interagency watchlisting policy.”


Nearly 14 years after September 11, TSA, of all agencies, lacks total access to any and all lists that it needs to prevent jumbo jets from being hijacked, sabotaged, or otherwise placed in mortal jeopardy – and by airport employees, no less?

Even worse, twelve days after this report was released, Stacey Fitzmaurice, deputy assistant administrator in TSA’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis, told a House homeland-security subcommittee that TSA is “working to expedite this process” of tapping into the totality of terror watch lists.

Here’s what she should have said: “My phone rang five minutes after the I.G. report appeared. The president called and said, ‘Stacey, fix this before lunch, or clean out your desk by 5:00p.m. Any questions? Click.'”

That’s how a President Giuliani would have handled this stunning fiasco. Instead, Team Obama snores through a potential calamity. Too bad GOP primary voters blew it in 2008.

The Obamites are focused like steel-piercing laser beams on something: trans fats, also called partially hydrogenated oils. Obama’s FDA this week ordered them out of the U.S. food supply by 2018. Trans fats are not necessarily good for you and can cause serious health problems. Ditto beer, bacon, and promiscuity. Is Obama ready to ban those things, too? Obama and the FDA have stomped their jackboots onto the necks of Americans whose pursuit of happiness involves trans fats. This merits rebellion.

In the 19 months that remain before the credits roll on Obama’s deadly farce, he should jail or export illegal-alien killers and enable the TSA and other anti-terrorist agencies to see whatever lists of terrorists they need to see. Obama also should stop constantly telling law-abiding American adults what to do, not do, eat, and not eat. We are not sheep, and Obama is not our shepherd.

and National Review Online Contributing Editor Deroy Murdock is a nationally syndicated columnist with the Scripps Howard News Service. His column, “This Opinion Just In…,” frequently appears in the New York Post, Washington Times, and Orange County Register, among some 400 U.S. newspapers he reaches weekly.

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