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“[Emigrants] will bring with them the principles of the governments they leave, imbibed in their early youth; or, if able to throw off, it will be in exchange for an unbounded licentiousness, passing, as is usual, from one extreme to another. It would be a miracle were they to stop precisely at the point of temperate liberty.” — Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia, 1781


121 Illegal Immigrants Released by ICE Became Murderers

Regardless of how Democrat sympathizers see it, illegally crossing the U.S. border is a crime, but that’s not preventing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from letting unauthorized immigrants back onto the streets — including some who went on to become murderers. According to The Washington Times, “More than 100 immigrants whom the Obama administration released back into the community went on to be charged with subsequent killings, according to government data released Monday that raises more questions about whether immigration authorities are doing enough to detail illegal immigrants awaiting deportation. … All told, 121 immigrants who were held but eventually released by ICE went on to commit ‘homicide-related offenses’ from 2010 through 2014, the agency said.” Those are only known offenders, though, meaning the actual figure is probably even more alarming. ICE said in a statement, “When making custody determinations, ICE performs an individualized review of the individual’s immigration history and criminal history, pursuant to the Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA). In accordance with the requirements of the INA, not all criminals are subject to mandatory detention and thus may be eligible for bond.” And, thus, eligible to take other people’s lives. America’s lax immigration policies aren’t just ridiculous; they’re proving to be deadly. More…

ATF Teams Up With NYPD to Deter ‘Gun Crimes’

In what CBS New York describes as the “first-ever anti-gun initiative,” federal agencies in collaboration with the NYPD are cracking down on escalating “gun crime” across the City of New York. ATF agent Charles Mulham said, “There’s going to be an increase in federal arrests — no doubt.” He added, “Of course, when the ATF gets involved … we’ll be able to figure out if [any] weapon is part of an interstate trafficking operation.” That’s a bold statement coming from an agency that intentionally put weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. And considering New York boasts lower than average crime rates, why aren’t they asking why violent behavior is increasing instead of positing this as an “anti-gun” initiative? For the same reason the question is being avoided in cities like Ferguson and Baltimore. As Mark Alexander has pointed out, blaming weapons serves an agenda: “The ‘gun violence’ rhetoric comports with the errant Leftist assertion that guns are the problem and the Democrats’ next gun control measure is the solution. Most assuredly, the epidemic of crime in American urban centers is not a ‘gun problem,’ but rather a cultural problem.” Getting the federal government involved in New York, ostensibly to ward off potential offenders, won’t get us any closer to tackling the core problem — especially via an agency embroiled in its own questionable behavior. More…

Killing Al-Qaida Terrorists Is Good, But…

The Obama administration continues to play whack-a-mole with terrorists in the Middle East, using American aircraft as the gavel. Over the weekend, al-Qaida in Yemen confirmed that its number two leader, Nasir al-Wahishi, was killed in a U.S. airstrike. This is the biggest blow against the terrorist group since SEAL Team Six drilled Osama bin Laden in his Abbottabad compound. Meanwhile, U.S. planes dropped 500 lb. munitions in Libya, possibly killing Mokhtar Belmokhtar, “the one-eyed sheik” who split from al-Qaida to form his own terrorist outfit. The implications are that we have some decent intelligence. The strikes are good news, but it’s not a game changer but rather a place-holder by the administration, which has no coherent or comprehensive policy in the region. Obama’s objective is to pass this buck to the next administration. For that reason, GOP candidates better get the history of OIF and OEF right, because, if the next president is a Republican, he is going to have to implement a policy to contain and diminish this metastasizing threat.

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Jeb Bush Enters Race Wooing Latinos, Furthering Dynasty

By Robin Smith

After a six-month “exploratory” window that served as the acceleration ramp up to his real campaign, Jeb Bush — the brother of President George W. Bush — formalized his candidacy for president June 15.

“I have decided,” Bush told a crowd at a community college in Miami, “I am a candidate for President of the United States.”

In his campaign, Bush brings a strong Catholic faith, a credible voice in the Latino community in Florida and the baggage that comes when your brother and father both served as commanders in chief.

Jeb indirectly acknowledged that some conservatives believe he is the “establishment pick” by noting, “It’s nobody’s turn, it’s everybody’s test, and it’s wide open — exactly as a contest for president should be.”

Bush’s candidacy was inevitable. As former governor of Florida, the third most populous state in the U.S., “Jeb!” showed off his gift of policy over politics in a rich vein of electoral votes. In the GOP tribe, however, this inevitability is not without its concerns — the Bush name has been gleefully lambasted by the presstitutes. The liberal media loves to invoke partisan animosity toward previous Bush presidencies, diverting scrutiny from controversies involving Barack Obama and his robotic, scandal-ridden heir apparent — Hillary Clinton.

The Jeb Bush campaign will certainly have plenty of funding. That guarantees a mass-marketed, micro-targeted message integrated across all platforms of media designed to reach a vast range of voters. But his key trait — widespread recognition of his family name — might be a liability among many Republicans and virtually all Democrats, thanks to the negatives of Bush 41 and 43.

But he isn’t just another clone of his brother. Jeb Bush is considered by some as a prominent member of the Latino community. Fellow presidential contender Marco Rubio considers Bush a mentor. Fluent in Spanish, Bush decided to reach out directly to Spanish-speaking constituents in his speech. “Ayúdenos en tener una campaña que les da la bienvenida,” he said, a phrase that’s translated to mean, “Help us to have a campaign that welcomes them.”

According to every poll conducted thus far, the GOP presidential primary is wide open. No frontrunner has emerged to doggedly prevent another Clinton White House. The sheer size of the pool of GOP candidates gives the Democrats a whole lot of cover behind which to hide their lack of effective policies, opposed to the authentic race and political choices found in the GOP presidential primary.

For Bush, the bar is extremely high. His successful tenure as governor in Florida displays his talent for leadership. The crucial task of Jeb and his campaign team will be to remind GOP voters of his effective conservative policies implemented during his time as Florida’s top elected official. These victories include a few issues that are inarguably crowd-pleasers for the Right, even the far-Right:

  • Passed parental school choice and rigorous school reform that raised the reading level of fourth graders by 11 points
  • Enacted tax cuts that totaled $19 billion with an actual reduction in the size of his state’s government by 6.6%
  • Supported parental notification of abortions requested by minors
  • Pushed through Medicaid reforms with private insurance solutions emphasizing personal health and accountability
  • Ended civil service protections of long-time unelected state bureaucrats and eliminated racial preferences in state-government contracting
  • Signed the nation’s first “Stand Your Ground” law
  • Called five special sessions of the legislature to pass medical liability and trial lawyer reforms to eradicate jackpot justice in Florida

Yet to win the eventual party nomination, Bush must explain his post-gubernatorial stances on a few hot-button topics. First, he backs immigration reform that emphasizes assimilation through access to services, not by enforcing existing law and prioritizing a secure border. He has also been a vocal proponent of Common Core, a set of educational standards originally written by our nation’s governors but soon sullied by the federal government, which established massive testing requirements and strings attached for funding access.

Jeb also must consider a few factors about the composition of the GOP that he’s not seen as a candidate before: In his last election, Bush did not face the Tea Party.

But as Politico writes, “Jeb’s stances on immigration and Common Core distance him from the GOP base, but his Catholic faith brings him back into the flock.”

While the Left is arguing that Religious Liberty is a limited right, one that should be eroded for holier rights such as same-sex marriage or abortion, Bush believes the opposite.

“The most galling example is the shabby treatment of the Little Sisters of the Poor, a Christian charity that dared to voice objections of conscience to Obamacare,” Bush said. “The next president needs to make it clear that great charities like the Little Sisters of the Poor need no federal instruction in doing the right thing. It comes down to a choice between the Little Sisters and Big Brother, and I’m going with the Sisters.”

Governor Bush’s early message and targeted contrasts could make him a heavyweight in the Republican primary, and his name recognition and depth of resources are advantages in the crowded field. Only time will reveal whether we’ll find ourselves rallying to unite against the Left with a nominee declaring, “Third time’s a charm.”



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Cal Thomas: “It doesn’t take a spy novelist to come up with a scenario in which a Chinese government agent approaches someone with a top security clearance and threatens to expose a dark secret in his or her past, possibly destroying family and career, unless he or she cooperates and hands over information to Beijing. The Chinese agent would likely have details about medications his target is taking to ward off depression, or some other malady, possibly making him more vulnerable to pressure. The former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Mike Rogers, says another possible use of the hacked information could be to shape fake emails crafted to look legitimate while injecting spyware and other viruses on the networks of government agencies or businesses the Chinese wish to penetrate. … If any humor can come from a serious situation, it was in a statement by OPM spokesman, Samuel Schumach. When asked to provide more details on the damage caused by the hacking, Schumach said: ‘For security reasons, we will not discuss specifics of the information that might have been compromised.’ What possible ‘security’ reasons could there be when clearly there was insufficient security at OPM? Perhaps reporters should ask this of the Chinese, since they now appear to be in possession of all the pertinent information.”


Insight: “[T]he human mind is seldom at stay: If you do not grow better, you will most undoubtedly grow worse.” —English writer Samuel Richardson (1689-1761)

Upright: This country and the left has made it profitable to become a victim of something — primarily a victim of an evil, faceless majority. If you become a member of a minority are automatically a victim, and the victim gets goodies. … The victim gets excused for all kinds of aberrant, weirdo behavior and instead is the recipient of sympathy. So it’s clear that this is a purposeful and studied move that [Rachel Dolezal] made.“ —Rush Limbaugh

Friendly fire, part I: “The question is for all politicians, including [Hillary Clinton] today, when you live in a bubble of privilege, surrounded by and marinating in the worldview of elites, business elites, rich donors, can you really connect with the policy concerns of people outside of the bubble?” —New York Times’ Nicholas Confessore

Friendly fire, part II: “The Hillary of a year ago was for the trade deal. The Hillary of Saturday’s announcement was against the trade deal. We’ll have to see what Hillary she is when the trade deal comes up for the next vote. I mean that’s the reality of it, right? This is just political positioning.” —Slate’s Jacob Weisberg

Friendly fire, part III: “[Hillary] has not been consistently saying anything for 30 years. … [A]t some point there has got to be an acknowledgment that there hasn’t been a straight line between [her youth and political career].” —New Republic senior editor Rebecca Traister

Friendly fire, part IV: “Let’s be blunt, the Obama-Clinton foreign policy is not something to brag about, I would argue. The growth of ISIS, the failures in Iraq.” —NBC’s Perry Bacon

And last… “A new report shows that the federal government paid almost $10 million in medicaid benefits to 200 dead people. It really helped, though. Afterwards, most of them were spry enough to vote in Chicago.” —Fred Thompson

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