Climate Change Australia – How To Breed Young Global Warming Extremists

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Tony Thomas exposes the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, which has – astonishingly – tax-exempt status by pretending it’s not really a vote-promoter for the Greens:

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition seems a formidable bunch. Its leaders, for example, use their vast membership roll as a weapon, such as badgering the Big Four coal-lending banks “on behalf of 110,000 young Australians”…

Along the way, co-founders Anna Rose and Amanda McKenzie have been showered with honours and accolades from Labor governments, business, media (Fairfax), academia, even non-political Rotary. Rose’s latest citation, ACT Finalist for Australian of the Year 2015, says AYCC “now boasts more than 110,000 young Australians who are standing up for their future.”

But there is something odd about this membership roll, which the 2014 annual report puts at 120,000. First, it’s free to join. The Liberals charge $35 (concession) to $100 pa in Victoria, while Labor in Victoria collects dues of between $34 (concession) and $224…

Second, AYCC is pretty cavalier about the particulars of each member. Determined “to stand up for my future”, I joined online by providing name, email, age (a youthful 74), phone and state. That’s it. They don’t even want my address… Just for interest, I joined successfully a second time…

My spaniel Natasha also wanted join …, so I enrolled her, successfully, with AYCC. I assume both of us are now members forever, since there would be no point in AYCC reminding us about free annual renewals. What proportion of AYCC “members” since 2007 are bounce-back phantoms?

While “member numbers” are useful for AYCC propaganda, AYCC focuses internally on its “volunteers” (currently 2100) who proselytise in schools, jump about in fish suits, and help run AYCC events… What’s also noteworthy is that the 110,000-strong AYCC can claim only ‘several’ local groups in WA (pop 2.6m). Victoria manages about 20 local groups. Tasmania has two…

AYCC … proclaims, like similar lobbyist groups, that it is politically non-partisan. This is important for maintaining its ‘charity’ status….

Among the AYCC online resources for teachers is a video to show to students, “How to Talk About Climate Change”. (*and that video is at the link below in Part 2 of the Tony Thomas articles) At the 55 second mark, a girl and boy stroll past three prominent posters on a fence: two of “This Time, I’m Voting Greens” and “Vote 1 Adam Bandt: The Greens”. (AYCC’s Spencer swears the posters must have got in the shot inadvertently).

Here’s an example of the ambience around AYCC. Chair Anna Rose worked from 2010 concurrently for a consultancy called Make Believe along with her husband-to-be Simon Sheikh, stalwart of GetUp and a failed Greens Senate candidate in 2012. Make Believe, self- described as “delivering cut-through social & political campaigns…for a ‘who’s who’ of non-profits, progressive political parties and socially responsible businesses.” In practice, as Rose put it in an unguarded moment (see the 50-minute mark of this video), Make Believe comprised basically ex-AYCC and ex-GetUp people, and the important clients were “the federal Greens Party, the Victorian Greens Party, Adam Bandt who was running for the Greens Party seat of Melbourne, lots of Greens.”

Thomas in part 2 reveals the role that one alarmist’s money plays in creating the impression of a crowd:

The ultimate power in AYCC is held by a group known as “Full Members” who pay a token ($10) joining fee and elect the directors. Who these Full Members are, I can’t discover. The only hint is in the 2011 report, where a dozen “partner groups” are listed, such as the Youth Affairs Coalition, Law Students’ Association, and Engineers Without Borders. The report says these groups “continue to play an important role in electing the board”. But the 2013 and 2014 reports are silent even on who the “partners” are and what role, if any, they play.

AYCC’s Spencer says AYCC structure changed, that it is now an independent organization, working in partnership with others but with no formal ‘coalition’…

AYCC’s latest annual revenue of $1.1m is not trivial… AYCC from inception has been backed by aged-care and radiology ex-tycoon Robert E. Purves.

Purves 56, is a Governor of AYCC and his fund matches AYCC donations dollar-for-dollar…

Purves, with sister Sandra, inherited a fortune from their father, Sir Raymond Purves, in the shape of 18% of loco-maker Clyde Industries. The 1994 BRW Rich List put Robert and Sandra’s net worth at $55 million, and in 1999, at a peak of $87m. Robert as DCA Group chair and a pioneer shareholder, developed it to an aged-care and radiology giant from a $10m start-up. In 2004 he sold half his DCA shares (for an amount I can’t discover), and with a $10m deposit, started the Purves Private Fund Trust charity. Two years later, DCA was bought by a Citigroup affiliate for $2.7 billion.

Since 2004, Purves’ top-level environment fund has been doing fine.  From earnings and capital growth of more than $3 million per annum for the past two years it has donated about $1.2m pa to environmental not-for-profits… Purves has also gifted more than $5 million personally and helps fund Earth Hour Global and other eco-silliness.

Purves also helps fund Cool Australia’s work pumping green and climate-change education into the school system…

Purves has backed Tim Flannery’s views with adulation and money, for example financing conversion of Flannery’s apocalyptic tome The Weather Makers into lurid memes for schoolchildren.  In 2005 he started, and still funds, the formalized Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, which combines useful land and water care with global warming horror-shows from the likes of Professors David Karoly, Lesley Hughes and drought-forecaster Flannery…

The AYCC’s statutory report says it received $96,000 in government grants in fiscal 2014 (9% of revenue)… But in fiscal 2012, taxpayers kicked in $270,000, or 34%, of AYCC income. 

The former Labor Government was really, really generous with our money.

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