Should We Teach ISIS To Play Golf?

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20090506_mcfee_2009By Dr. Robin McFee ~

Sometimes the most difficult obstacles to solving complex problems involve getting the right person’s attention. That seems to be the case with President Obama who appears all too unwilling to concern himself with pesky issues like affairs of state, threats to American citizens or our national interests.

Barack ObamaTake ISIS for example. This radical Islamic enterprise of highly trained, well armed insurgents has been emerging in the Middle East for years…yes years! In General Bolger’s book “Why we lost: A general’s inside account of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars” the author recounts early intelligence on the nexus of this growing insurgent group. Removing our military from the region may have given Obama his “peacemaker” moment, but more significantly it gave ISIS their victory moment – the US has left the building, and it is theirs to occupy. Clearly ISIS has not been a secret society in Iraq or Syria that somehow magically appeared in the smoke of a genie-bottle outside Bagdad or Damascus which Obama and his hapless, witless minions conveyed through their early dumbfounded communications – first referring to them as the “J-V”  and then as an emerging threat warranting a strategy. What is clear – the US continues to be blindsided under this administration.

ISIS, as predicted, is joining Hezbollah and the IRGC (Iran) proxies by locating their troops in Mexico, middle and South America, developing training camps, providing financial and material logistic support, building networks and collaborative infrastructure with criminal cartels, and exploiting their intelligence sources and infiltrators in law enforcement and other enterprises.  By capitalizing on the porous border between the United States and Mexico, it is only a matter of time when the bloodshed caused by Mexican drug cartels will look like amateur hour when ISIS and other radical Islamists decide to visit havoc in our nation.  These terrorists, committed to the destruction of the West (we ought to take enemies at their word when their mission statements and communications to followers/supporters/enemies all consistently state they hate us and want to kill us – just sayin!), and are building a global network with local bases in our back yard.

The left, the DNC would have you believe there is no threat at all; that a strong border would impose untold hardships on sick and needy people who require US assistance. The clarion cries of liberals “the border is racist” or “where is your humanity?” when faced with the argument closing the corridor between Mexico and the US, or allowing thousands of sick kids unrestrictedly into the US is bad public policy, bad public health, and bad security. They argue that enforcing the border would harm poor communities in Mexico and keep families who got into the US separate from those turned away.

The problem with those arguments rests on the facts that it deflects from the real issue – the US has essentially an open Southern border that can be and will continue being breached by gun runners, drug cartels, sick kids and terrorists alike, that illegal immigration is ILLEGAL, that the US has a right to be sovereign, that keeping out bad guys is not profiling or racist, it is good security, that the countries which these children are from have a responsibility to take care of their own citizens (the US can help), that these sick kids won’t be sent home; they will be absorbed as essentially anchor babies setting the stage for their relatives to come in – and become welfare recipients, voters, and back-door citizens, that people who come across illegally can be a liability more than benefit to the US (a benefit to the DNC but not the US), that sickness does not absolve criminality, that some of the adults accompanying them may not be relatives but in fact are criminals, and some of those teens may be part of cartels and criminal networks, and that the same portals that allow sick kids through, allow weapons, drugs, terrorists, kidnappers (kidnap and ransom is big business), and career criminals through as well.

Bottom line… if Obama remains unwilling and unable to prevent and stop criminals, illegal aliens, let alone sick kids from entering the US, how on earth will we be able to stop terrorists from doing the same thing? We can’t, we won’t, and we haven’t.

Consider in spite of several reports that ISIS is on our Southern border – the longest international “welcome mat” on the planet – there remains no serious comment by the Administration in terms of addressing this issue, let alone any evidence of concern about the growing number of threats mounting against us hiding in Mexico.  Of course not! What would we expect? That would suggest the Southern US border has a problem. To suggest ISIS in Mexico is a threat would confirm our president has left the US border essentially defenseless, and Mexico not a true friend (Duh!).  Since that region doesn’t send much support to Obama or the DNC, it is an outback in his mind.  Besides, ISIS or ISIL are the JV, right?

So how do we get President Obama to care that ISIS is in our neck of the woods? Maybe we might get his attention if ISIS and Obama shared more than an antipathy to Israel.

I thought about this for a bit, and came up with my ‘light bulb over the head moment!’ What does Obama care about more than anything else? Golf!  It is his addiction and passion. As the Golfer – in – Chief who has spent more time on ‘the links’ than probably Clinton, Bush and Eisenhower combined, and certainly Obama has devoted more mind share to improving his golf score than he has spent attending security briefs, or improving the lives of his citizens, or protecting our nation.

My ‘aha moment’ …. Let’s teach ISIS to golf. This way they would get on Obama’s radar screen. They could find common ground. And if ISIS started monopolizing some of Obama’s favorite golf courses, that might invoke his wrath (nothing worse than having to wait for Tee Time), and force him to clear ISIS out of the club, if not the region.

Given Obama is always looking to have new opportunities for attention, as well as play golf, he and ISIS could form Jihadist Golf Digest, or a Guide to Infidel Sports, with POTUS of course being on the first front cover of the magazine. Obama and Michelle could create golf suitable abaya and burqa designer-wear.

Obama could link up with Tiger Woods, and create the first terrorists golf camp. Until the UN offers Obama the Secretary General post he so desperately craves, once POTUS is out of office, he will need a job to tie him over. Golf pro seems a fitting job.

There is logic to teaching ISIS how to play golf. For starters it would get Obama’s attention. Also it is much harder to kill people with a driver, even a Big Bertha model, than an AK47. So if we could get ISIS members lurking near Arizona, Texas and New Mexico on the Southern border to head over to the Obama-Tex-Mex Golf Center located in Nogales, we can keep the bad guys south of the border, grow jobs for Mexico, something they have woefully failed to do over the last 20 years, keep the terrorists in a place we can readily locate them, get Obama out of the US for a while (finally gainfully employed), and distract ISIS from killing Americans while they learn a new skill. Anyone who plays knows it takes years!

Consider ISIS putting down their assault rifles long enough to pick up a 9 iron or change their focus from building bombs to putting out with a birdie… we have a chance at slowing their activities down.  Golf with friends can be fun. And clearly they would have an advantage with the sand traps.

Moreover, since most business is conducted on the golf course, think of all the networking these guys could do with some of Obama’s rich buddies. Even ISIS needs transportation, communications, public relations and financial planning. Think about this foursome: Obama, Soros, Geffen and Colbert. Have them playing against an ISIS foursome for a high stakes game- winner takes Yemen (Obama might yet succeed in that tiny, strategically important nation), or Oman, loser goes to Gitmo on the lovely island of Cuba. This may become Obama’s only chance at a foreign policy victory – fighting an adversary over a game of golf. One has to wonder does POTUS have the testicular fortitude to win when everything is on the line, and no one else is fighting his battles.

There are numerous training camps that have ties with various radical Islamist organizations in the US from New England to out West. Maybe we can convert them to golf courses, too, if a special appearance by Obama goes with the deal?

Add to this ISIS on our doorstep. So far this administration neither acknowledges, nor cares.  ISIS, like other radicals in America or the Southern Border, are just not interesting to Obama; no real gain for him to make a tough decision.  I’m just not sure we have two years to wait until we elect a real president – someone willing to address the security threats facing our nation that quite frankly the left blithely dismisses. Since Obama’s foreign policies and domestic security efforts are failures – maybe we need to play to his strong suit. Obama’s best skill is talking; alas ISIS proved they won’t be moved by charismatic speeches. That leaves Obama’s other skill – golf.

There is logic to teaching ISIS to play golf. It’s more challenging than killing, albeit after a few bogies, even a saint will become homicidal. It is time consuming – and addicting. Ask any new golfer about the game, and 8 hours later you are still hearing the different playing styles between the “Shark,”  “Tiger,” and the “Bear.”  Perhaps ISIS will become so addicted and thus have less time to recruit poor Mexicans, or angry ex prisoners, or folks currently incarcerated, or capitalize on current corridors, tunnels, transit routes and low altitude flights that criminal cartels operating out of Mexico into the US are utilizing.

Failing my golf camp for terrorists notion, recognizing Obama and most of his supporters do not care one bit about what goes on at the border except if it limits incursion into the US, we, the loyal opposition must continue to be HIGHLY VOCAL and, dare I suggest ‘in your face’ to our elected officials to tighten the border, increase armed security in vulnerable areas, hold Mexico’s proverbial feet to the fire to assist us in identifying and neutralizing ISIS in their territory, or telling that corrupt national enterprise to stand down, get out of the way, and we will handle the problem with our folks.

ISIS is in our region. So are other radical groups. To that there is no denial. After too many years of Obama’s presidency nothing substantive has been done to secure our Southern border, or reduce the threats to American citizens. Fort Hood, the Boston Bombing, and numerous other clearly radical Islamist events have occurred on his watch. Now Al Qaeda has a rival – ISIS and for the emergence of this major terrorist organization Obama has to accept responsibility! Most of us who have spent years in the security arena could advise POTUS how to address these vulnerabilities. But Obama won’t follow the advice. That leaves us with relying upon Obama’s only skill and interest beyond giving a speech – Golf!

Should we teach ISIS to play golf? After too many years of Obama’s failed efforts, has it come down to ‘hail Mary policy,’ and teaching terrorists a game to solve the “whack a mole” approach Obama has taken to security threats? Or do we stand up together, and engage our elected officials at every opportunity?  Now more than ever we must secure the border. Contributing Editor Dr. Robin McFee is a physician and medical toxicologist. An expert in WMD preparedness, she is a consultant to government agencies, corporations and the media. Dr. McFee is the former director and cofounder of the Center for Bioterrorism Preparedness (CB PREP) and was bioweapons – WMD adviser to the Regional Domestic Security Task Force Region 7 after 911, as well as advisor on avian and swine flu preparedness to numerous agencies and organizations. Dr. McFee is a member of the Global Terrorism, Political Instability and International Crime Council of ASIS International. She has authored numerous articles on terrorism, health care and preparedness, and coauthored two books: Toxico-Terrorism by McGraw Hill and The Handbook of Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Agents, published by Informa/CRC Press.

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