Why Do Women Want a Corrupt, Moody, Botox Granny For President?

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By Pat Pacer  ~

I recently read Tom Blumer’s article: Rubio’s Age Is Problematic, But Hillary Being Post-Menopausal Makes Her ‘Perfect’?

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George Soros,  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Living here in the deep vein thrombosis of corrupt Dem0crats in Pennsylvania, it is not the moody Botox granny we have to worry about. It is the likes of her backers’ such as the spooky dude himself; George Soros, and the uneducated female voters raised to procreate.

When Mrs. Clinton announced her running, the local news channels interviewed women here in the Scranton, PA and surrounding areas, which squealed with delight at the prospect of voting for the first women president. What is wrong with these women’s intuition and common sense?

(This reminds me of a very old Indian saying: “Cheat me once, White man’s fault. Cheat me twice, Indians fault. Why we get despots bent on destroying America is the voters fault!

The sad thing is these despots openly admit to it, in books, interviews, on videos and voters still re-elect them.
Victory through Hillary_dead02e4-cf00-40bb-9014-452bae71034bOne good example of many is Obama and Gruber talking about the Obamacare scam and calling the voters stupid.  ‘Obama administration counted on “the stupidity of the American voter” to pass the bill. In fact, the Obama team’s “lack of transparency” was deliberate, because they believed the law would not have passed if people fully understood it.’  Not only Obama but Hillary, Pelosi, Reid and most of the Democrats were part of this scam. —ed)

The same day she announced her candidacy is the day her deceased father, buried in Scranton, tomb stone was knocked over. It was also reported someone was carted out of that same cemetery for being mentally unstable but you be the judge. LOL

I might be wrong but I was under the impression that the POTUS was the only office which required that one of their parents to have been born in America. If that is the case Marco Rubio would only be able to run as Vice-president. With hope for our blessed country I humbly pray, in 2020 we will finally be able to honorably elect the first woman president, with America’s dream team, Condoleezza Rice and Marco Rubio.

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