Netanyahu Leads In The Israeli Election. Let The Media Weep

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Benjamin Netanyahu seems to have won the Israeli elections, despite fierce media attacks – not just at home but abroad – and the open hostility of President Barack Obama:

AA - NetanyahuIsraeli parliamentary elections ended Tuesday in a virtual deadlock, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party appearing to hold the upper hand in forming the next governing coalition.

Exit polls conducted by the country’s three major TV stations late Tuesday gave mixed results, showing an extremely tight race between Netanyahu’s Likud Party and opposition leader Isaac Herzog’s Zionist Union.

All showed the centrist newcomer Moshe Kahlon with enough seats to determine who will be the next prime minister. Kahlon, a Likud breakaway, has not said whether he favors Netanyahu or Herzog.

The mixed results were sure to disappoint Herzog, who opinion polls had suggested could topple Netanyahu, and set off wild celebrations at Likud campaign headquarters in Tel Aviv.

In a statement released on Twitter, Netanyahu said that “against all odds” Likud had won a “great victory.”…

Two polls showed the parties deadlocked with 27 seats each, and a third gave Likud a slight lead of 28-27…

Since the parties all fall short of the required 61-seat majority in parliament, the country will now head into weeks of negotiations as they try to form a coalition… The left wing appeared to have slightly more seats, but would rely heavily on a new Arab list that has said it will not sit in a coalition.

That gives Netanyahu and his right-wing allies the upper hand. But Kahlon, who has already demanded control of the Finance Ministry, is likely to drive a hard bargain before agreeing to join the government.

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