When The Left Quotes Twitter, It Just Quotes Its Friends

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By Andrew Bolt ~
It is the laziest form of modern journalism – to quote Twitter comments to make or back a story that the journalists really wants to be true. For instance, there’s Peter FitzSimons:

The best example of just how much of a gutful the electorate has had came this week with the full-blown Abbott/Brandis attack on Professor Gillian Triggs. Within an hour of it starting, #IstandwithGillianTriggs was the leading trend on Twitter and stayed there for two days! This, I suspect, before most of the electorate knew quite who Professor Triggs is. But if the Prime Minister and the Attorney-General were against her, then she had to be the goods!

An alternative explanation for Twitter’s Triggsmania from Jared Owens last year:

A STUDY from a respected Washington think tank has added credibility to Australian researchers’ findings about left-wing political bias on Twitter.

The Pew Research Journalism Project’s report, Political Polarisation and Media Habits, found people with consistently progressive views were more than twice as likely to get political news from Twitter than consistent conservatives…

The Pew study follows Australian research that revealed overall progressive bias on Twitter and conservative bias on talkback radio. Media monitoring company iSentia, which tracked sentiment towards Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott throughout last year, found Ms Gillard’s Twitter sentiment consistently outstripped her party’s parlous standing in the mainstream Newspoll…

A [Queensland University of Technology] study in 2012 revealed 10 per cent of users ­employing the popular #auspol hashtag — signifying a tweet about federal politics — were ­responsible for 90 per cent of the tweets.

(Thanks to reader Peter of Bellevue Hill.)

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