Apocalypse Delayed

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By Andrew Bolt ~

First they denied their warming predictions were false. Now they hunt for an excuse – and one that keeps their scare alive:


FORCES of natural climate variability have caused the apparent slowdown in global warming this century but the effect will be temporary, according to new research…

Byron Steinman, of the University of Minnesota Duluth, and Michael Mann and Sonya Miller, of Pennsylvania State University, found that these natural, or “internal”, forces had recently been offsetting the rise in global mean surface temperature caused by increasing greenhouse gas concentrations.

They published their results in the latest edition of the American journal Science… Some research, including studies by Australian scientists, suggests that an increase in the heat taken up by the deeper waters of the Pacific as well as a pronounced strengthening of Pacific trade winds in recent years due to natural climate variability is responsible.

This latest research supports that hypothesis…

“We subtracted this externally forced component from the observational data to isolate the internal variability in northern hemisphere temperatures caused by the Atlantic multidecadal oscillation and a component of the Pacific decadal oscillation, “Professor Steinman told The Australian…

“This showed that the current slowdown is being driven largely by a negative internal variability trend in the Pacific,” he said.

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