A Classless Society

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Burt PrelutskyBy Burt Prelutsky ~

For a great many years, ours was a nation where class distinctions existed, but they weren’t usually rolled out for strictly partisan purposes. But that was before Obama and his trolls decided there was political gold to be mined by dividing America into a series of political wards, separated by age, race, gender and income.

In England, the people have long been divided into upper class and lower class. Over here, Obama, a notable Anglophobe, has seen to it that the major divide is between those with some vestige of class and those with none.

By promoting the redistribution of wealth, he has garnered favor with poor blacks, single women, college students, illegal aliens and Jewish socialists, and through his economic policies he has made the poor poorer and the rich even richer, leading to increased political contributions from defense attorneys, insurance companies and Wall Street. It has also sent a great many of those who were formerly entrenched in the middleclass into poverty, making them increasingly dependent on the federal government, the natural feeding ground of Democrats.

As every tyrant of the 20th century, from Lenin and Stalin to Hitler, Pol Pot and Mao, knew only too well, before absolute power could rest safely in their hands, the middle class had to be destroyed. In Russia, Germany, Cambodia and China, it happened at the point of a gun and resulted in gulags and mass graves. Here it only took Obama’s telephone and fountain pen, along with a compliant Congress, to achieve the desired ends.

For instance, when I recently wrote about the vanishing steel industry, once one of the major bulwarks of our economy, I was reminded that it didn’t happen by accident. It was the result of the EPA shutting down blast furnaces, open hearth furnaces and coke ovens. As a result coke-making operations, as Howard Last of Wyoming, reminded me, were largely abandoned, and coke is essential for a blast furnace to operate.

But the industrial union leaders essentially let it happen, and then, like the lap dogs they are, continued shelling out millions of dollars to the DNC. And just in case you were wondering why they would stand idly by and watch Obama and the Democrats put the kibosh on the Keystone pipeline and its 40,000 well-paying jobs, it’s because union leaders, who are even more useless than the human appendix, get paid just as much whether or not their members are working.

Here in California, 500 information technology (IT) workers at So Cal Edison are being laid off and being replaced by workers from India. Adding insult to injury, the Americans are being required to train them. What’s more, according to Patrick Thibodeau, writing in Computerworld, similar sins are being committed around the country.

These are not only jobs Americans are willing to do, they are good-paying, highly technical jobs they were already doing.

But it’s nothing new. IT workers have been complaining about this for some time, but they are being drowned out by the lobbyists for high tech companies working the corridors of Congress. They are also silenced by severance agreements as well as legitimate fears that raising a stink will hurt their future prospects for employment.

Recently, I compared the members of ISIS to the Nazis, and although it was a close competition, I finally decided that for a number of reasons, the Muslims were worse. One thing I left out of the equation is that the Germans maintained POW camps. They actually clothed and fed captured soldiers; they did not behead them or set them ablaze.

Some people have wondered why ISIS insists on filming and then posting the gruesome videos on social media, especially when they must realize it provokes their enemies to retaliate. The answer is fairly obvious. It’s because, contrary to Obama’s contention that Gitmo serves as a recruiting tool for jihadists, these visual aids attract sadists the way blood in the water attracts sharks. It is how the Nazis swelled the ranks of the S.S. They merely let it be known that if you joined up, you would not only be able to rape, torture and murder, with impunity, but you would be paid and would receive commendations and medals.

The real mystery to me is why everyone is terrified of confronting ISIS. They’re certainly barbaric, even by Islamic standards, but there are only about 30,000 of them and they don’t even have an air force. Even France, I dare say, could wipe them out in about a week. Plus the schmucks don’t speak German, so the French wouldn’t be at their usual psychological disadvantage.

Speaking of those who should be neutered, if not wiped out entirely, liberals have made careers out of mocking conservatives, insisting we’re a bunch of pious busybodies who like nothing better than to condemn other people’s morals.

But it is those on the Left who consistently show Salem witch hunter Cotton Mather to be something of an underachiever. It’s Democrats who have decided that they and they alone should determine how everybody else should behave.

So by their lights, it’s okay to be a religious zealot, but only so long as your religion is Islam or Liberalism, but strictly taboo if it happens to be Christianity or Judaism.

It is also perfectly fine if you’re homosexual or engage in any other sexual activity formerly deemed perverse, unnatural or disgusting. Instead, those are the words liberals reserve for those who smoke tobacco – but not marijuana – and who believe in an omnipotent God other than one named Barack Obama.

But if you really want to enrage a true leftist believer, let him see you imbibing one of those satanic beverages containing – horror of horrors – sugar! Like Linda Blair in “The Exorcist,” his head will start twirling, his eyes will roll up into his skull and green bile will come spewing from his mouth.

I assume we are all familiar with Michelangelo’s masterful work on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, showing God, the bearer of life, reaching out to touch his finger to that of Adam. Someone sent me a cartoon recently that showed God holding out, not a finger, but a human brain to his creation, and Adam replying: “No thanks…I’m a liberal.”

It would certainly explain why we got booted out of Eden.

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