Can You Blame Them If They Hate Australia?

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austr1_teachers_ABBy Andrew Bolt ~

 SURE, Prime Minister Tony Abbott was right to tell our Muslim leaders they must do more to turn young Australians away from terrorism.

But why are we letting so many non-Muslim leaders off the hook? Why not demand the same help from the politicians, teachers, artists and journalists who recklessly make Australia seem hateful to the young — and not just to young Muslims?

Don’t they see the danger of teaching children that Australia is a racist, genocidal, child-thieving and land-raping nation built on stolen land to which they can never fully belong?

No wonder some young Australians figure they’d rather identify with some other country or culture, even with the Islamic State. Anything but this cringeing wreck.
I’ve worried about this ever since I dropped in a decade ago on the then Moreland Secondary College to learn why its results were through the floor and why non-Muslim students were fleeing.

The new principal explained her plans to fix the mess and proudly showed me a video the students had made of themselves, which she thought summed up the school spirit.

“I’m Lebanese,” declared one student in an Australian accent. “I’m Egyptian,” said the next.

“I’m Turkish.”

“I’m Lebanese-Australian.”

Yes, that is the fruit of a state-funded multiculturalism that stupidly teaches children to identify with their parents’ country, often prouder than our own.

I wasn’t surprised when one of the school’s former teachers rang to say a few of those students had even celebrated the September 11 attacks on the US.

Nor was I surprised when the college was soon closed and its last remaining students scattered to other state schools.

Let me guess what many of those children have since been taught about Australia.

Like so many students of their generation, they would probably have been taught that this country has a genocidal past — a false but fashionable smear.

They would have been freighted with guilt about the allegedly many massacres committed against Aborigines — many more than records in fact reveal, as historian Keith Windschuttle has proved.

They’d have been taught that the “stolen generations” is real — that Australian officials really did steal up to 100,000 children just for being Aboriginal, even though no one can yet name even 10 such cases.

They’d have sat through “welcome to country” ceremonies at which they were welcomed to this stolen land as guests — and ever only guests — by someone said to represent the land’s true and traditional owners.

In their English classes they may have been given books like Shaun Tan’s The Rabbits, winner of a Children’s Book Council prize, which preaches that Australia was invaded by white rabbit-creatures who killed the brown numbats and turned the land into a smoking ruin.

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Andrew Bolt is a journalist and columnist writing for The Herald Sun in Melbourne Victoria Australia.

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