Abbott Blamed For The Fear That Islamists Incite

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By Andrew Bolt ~


From the home page of today’s Age:


Yes, The Age blames Tony Abbott – of course! – for alleged attacks on Muslim women:

The verbal abuse of women in headscarves is on the rise in Melbourne, say Muslim women, with some being shoved and spat on while walking…

These cases of abuse reportedly spike during and after events that reflect negatively on the Islamic community, such as the Sydney Lindt Cafe siege and recent debate about banning the burqa.

Community advocate and lawyer Lydia Shelly accused Prime Minister Tony Abbott of encouraging attacks with “inflammatory statements” made during Monday’s national security statement suggesting Muslim leaders may not “mean it” when they speak out against extremism.

“If the rhetoric continues [from] the Prime Minister and people in positions of power it’s going to be very difficult and perhaps unsafe for … Muslim women to fully participate in Australian public life,” she warned.

But wait. Let’s not skip so lightly over that sole hint – the reference to the Lindt cafe siege – that the abuse of Muslims (to be deplored) might actually be triggered not by Abbott’s anti-terrorism policies but by Islamist terrorism itself.

Ask yourself what The Age has not: what is more likely to incite hostility to Muslims here?

Is it:

A. An Islamist attack on a Sydney cafe that leaves two dead; Australian Islamists in Syria beheading people; Islamists in Syria ordering Australian Muslims to kill us; an Islamist stabbing two Melbourne police; Australian jihadists warning that a “thousand bombs” here will just prove Muslims are right to be angry; and Australian jihadists serving and supporting an Islamist army now slaughtering civilians, killing gays, raping women, beheading Christians and crucifying infidels.


B. Tony Abbott asking Muslim leaders to do more to help him keep Australians safe?

There is something sick about this criticism. Dangerous about these times.

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Assimilation services in Sweden seem very keen to have newcomers assimilate with ISIS instead:

The Swedish government has been forced shut down an assimilation guide service after discovering that several aides may have been trying to recruit newly arrived immigrants to ISIS.

The assimilation guides, a service provided by the Swedish state job agency, have been accused of taking bribes from migrant job-seekers and making ‘recruitment attempts to militant fighting groups’.

The state job agency, Arbetsformedlingen, has fired the entire network of assimilation guides with immediate effect following the reports.

The BBC is finally taking the problem seriously. No more excuses:

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