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By Burt Prelutsky  ~ 

Barack Obama keeps telling us that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are wonderful, peace-loving, people who oppose terrorism. I would love to believe that, but I only have his word for it. And by now, I believe we all know what his word is worth.

All the evidence happens to point in the opposite direction. Although most Muslim nations are dictatorships run by royal families or mullahs, we have seen free elections on occasion. In so-called Palestine, the people elected Hamas, a terrorist group dedicated to the elimination of Israel. In Egypt, until the military fortunately took control, the people chose to replace Hosni Mubarak with the terrorists known as the Muslim Brotherhood.

Even here in America, the Muslims have shown their true colors by continuing in the aftermath of 9/11 to support terrorist groups through “charitable” contributions until the FBI put a stop to it. These days, some American Muslims travel to the Middle East in order to join up with ISIS, while others are content to stay home and make their positions clear by leading campus demonstrations calling for colleges to divest themselves of Israeli investments. For extracurricular credit, they shout down Israeli diplomats and other campus guests for daring to defend the only western democracy in the Middle East.

Some people wonder why Wall Street executives and other business leaders are so willing to support Barack Obama when he is constantly talking trash about them. The answer is that they know that as usual, he’s lying, just as they knew he was lying when he said that people would be able to keep their doctors and their insurance policies when he was cramming ObamaCare down our throats. They knew, but they didn’t care because they, along with the hypocrites at AARP, knew they stood to make billions off the lies.

With Barack’s proposed four trillion dollar budget in the news, we are once again hearing the word “sequester” being tossed around. Sequester was the result of the politicians not being able to agree on a compromised budget two years ago. At the time, because it required that spending be cut across the board, both Democrats and Republicans were predicting the end of the world. The claim was that at the very least it would result in the loss of 40,000 jobs and a breakdown in homeland security. In reality, it cost one person his job. Unfortunately, that person wasn’t Barack Obama.

The Republicans, then as now, were aghast at the thought of the Pentagon’s budget being slashed. Even then, my reaction was “So what?” It was apparent that under Obama, we would never go to war. At least never against the likes of Russia, Iran, Yemen or Syria. I mean, it’s not as if those places are full of Republicans.

When ISIS can slit the throats of French, English, Japanese and American, citizens and burn a Jordanian pilot to death, and all we do is drop a few bombs on them, why do we even need a Pentagon? We could not only save ourselves a ton of money, but begin showing a profit by converting the place into condos.

Speaking of Jordan, according to the NY Times, Chris Christie had King Abdullah pick up the tab for the Christie family to pay a visit. The tab included a $30,000 hotel bill. In 2012, Christie flew to Israel aboard a private jet loaned to him by Vegas mogul Sheldon Adelson, who at the time was opposing legislation that would have legalized online gambling in New Jersey. In response, Gov. Christie has said, “I relish these experiences and exposures, especially for my kids. I try to squeeze all the juice out of the orange that I can.”

Such candor from a New Jersey governor is refreshing. From someone who believes he belongs in the Oval Office, it’s revolting.

Another name I am anxious to scratch off the list of GOP presidential hopefuls is Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who refers to Matthew 25 in his defense of ObamaCare. Comparing a federal takeover of one-seventh of the economy to the Bible’s call to feed the hungry and clothe the poor carries the stench of false piety. When a person contributes to charity of his own volition, it tells you a lot about the man. When a president, with the power and authority to have people arrested, confiscates money with the purpose of redistributing wealth at the point of a gun, it isn’t charity; it’s communism.

Those defending Common Core insist it will raise educational standards around the country, while leaving the actual control in the hands of states and cities. What’s more, they’ll tell you that it was America’s governors who came up with the idea. What they don’t tell you is that federal funding will depend on whether or not a state signs on to the program. And anyone who tells you that the feds don’t have the final word once they determine who receives and who doesn’t receive our tax dollars is selling you a truckload of malarkey.

That is why one of the main items on my wish list for a 2016 presidential candidate is that he or she – along with getting us out of the U.N., cutting the EPA way down to size, implementing the Flat Tax and taking the war on Islamic terrorism as seriously as the Muslims take their war on western civilization – vows to do his or her best to getting the federal government out of education, health care and everything else not specified in the Constitution.

Others have commented that when Obama hosted the Super Bowl champions to the White House, it was the first time in six years that an American Patriot has set foot in the place. It’s a good line, but a sad truth. Under Obama’s reign, America has trudged for six long years on the Via Dolorosa, the name given to Christ’s path to his crucifixion. In this case, Obama has acted as his own personal Home Depot, supplying the hammer, lumber and nails.

When people insist that Obama means well, but has been the victim of circumstances or of George Bush’s policies, they are ignoring the fact that even a broken clock is right twice a day. When every single thing – both domestically and in foreign affairs – that the man does is counterproductive to the best interests of America and her traditional allies, it can’t possibly be dismissed as accidental.

Finally, a nine-year-old who had just seen the latest “Hobbit” movie told a friend he had a magic ring that had the power to make their classmates disappear. Naturally, the school authorities immediately suspended him for making terrorist threats!

Upon seeing how well it worked, rumor has it that every kid in the school is now bragging about having an identical ring.

I suggest that instead of worrying about pie-in-the-sky educational standards, it’s time to start worrying about the idiots who are suspending kids over magic rings and locked and loaded Pop Tarts.