Top 10 Counter-terrorism Specialists in America

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By Dave Gaubatz


In America if you are a firefighter, police officer, military personnel, actor, or one of televisions ‘talking media heads’ you get an enormous amount of positive attention.  I respect our law enforcement, but I have just as much or more respect for airline pilots, car mechanics, plumbers, electricians, and school teachers.  They all do their job primarily for one motive: To get paid.  This is ok, but the people I most respect are the ones you never hear about, but spend countless hours educating themselves in Islamic based issues.  These people are the true counter-terrorism specialists and our country needs their sacrifices more than we do thousands of traffic cops who write tickets to increase their cities or county budget.Our country is currently in it’s last days and the people who get paid to protect our country (law enforcement and politicians) against Islamic terrorist thugs are failing America and our children.


During my many years conducting counter-terrorism research I have had the pleasant opportunity to meet many Americans who contribute many, many hours each week to educate Americans on the threats of Islam and it’s terrorists.  They get no pay and little national attention.  They sacrifice their time with families and hobbies like golf and going on vacation.  These people sacrifice for one reason: America and our freedoms.

The 10 people I have chosen are among the many I have met.  They desire no publicity or pay for their work.  They often get threats from Islamic terror supporters.  We owe our prayers and a good ole fashioned slap on the back for protecting our country.  These are the top counter-terrorism people who understand the threat of the Islamic ideology.  ‘They Get It’

Jack Ellison (ACT For America, great American protecting Massachusetts)
Roy White  (ACT For America, great American protecting Texas)
John  P. Kuchta, Jr. (great American protecting Virginia)
Sandra Dinello (a great American and my religious adviser)
Chris Gaubatz (My son and my hero)
Dr. Greg Martin (The protector of the great state of Texas!)
Dr. Gene Youngblood (Conservative Theological University, Jacksonville, Florida)
Pastor O’Neil Dozier (Worldwide Christian Center Church in Pompano Beach, FL near Fort Lauderdale)
Danita Kilcullen (TEA PARTY Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)
Lisa Michelle and Ram Lubranicki (great American patriots and voices for our friends in Israel)
There is one person living in Israel who does more for America than all of our politicians, law enforcement, and media talking heads combined.  She is Adina Kutnicki.  Adina is a journalist who speaks out more for America than journalists do from all the major media networks in America.

The above mentioned people are in a random order.  I applaud these fine people and wish them well in their endeavors to protect America.  There are many more patriotic Americans who contribute their time to protect America, but these people have gave me the inspiration to continue in my CT research.  Dave Gaubatz

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