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“During the course of administration, and in order to disturb it, the artillery of the press has been leveled against us, charged with whatsoever its licentiousness could devise or dare. These abuses of an institution so important to freedom and science are deeply to be regretted, inasmuch as they tend to lessen its usefulness and to sap its safety.” –Thomas Jefferson, Second Inaugural Address, 1805


DC Judge Rejects Lawsuit Against Obama’s Amnesty

A federal judge kicked the fight to block Barack Obama’s executive immigration action back into Congress. Judge Beryl Howell of the U.S. District Court for District of Columbia denied a lawsuit from Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona. Howell said the sheriff didn’t demonstrate how Obama’s actions harmed him and his county – figures, she’s an Obama appointee. But in the ruling, Howell did provide a path for conservatives to attack Obama’s immigration action. “Should Congress disagree with the enforcement priorities set out by DHS in the challenged policies,” she wrote, “Congress has the ability to appropriate funds solely for removal, and the president cannot refuse to expend funds appropriated by Congress.” Moreover, the fight over Obama’s executive actions is not over in the courts, as the lawsuit against the executive legislation brought by 24 states continues to move forward. Put this way, about half of the states stand against Obama’s executive action. Congress should not waver in February when the budget fight is renewed. More…

Presidential Golf Disrupts Wedding

Barack Obama loves golf. He loves it so much that he golfed with the radical Islamist prime minister of Malaysia, who has praised ISIL. And he loves it so much that two Army captains had to move their wedding to accommodate him. Bloomberg reports, “Natalie Heimel and her fiancé, Edward Mallue Jr., a pair of captains in the Army, were walking from their wedding rehearsal on Saturday at the 16th tee box at Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course in Hawaii when they were informed they’d have to move their wedding, scheduled for the next day. President Barack Obama wanted to play through.” To make matters worse, the pair invited Obama to the wedding but received his regrets, albeit with congratulations and well wishes. And naturally, he heard about the whole episode on the news. When asked by Bloomberg about the faux pas, Obama said, “I feel terrible. Nobody told us.” He then called the bride to apologize. She was upset but took it in stride, saying, “We knew there were two things that could mess up the wedding: One was weather and the other was the president.” And one is more predictable than the other. More…

Too Good to Check: The Racist Republican

Republicans haven’t even officially taken control of both houses of Congress yet and they’re already embroiled in a drummed-up scandal. Specifically, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) is a “racist” – like all other Republicans. Why? Because in 2002 he allegedly spoke to a Louisiana white supremacist group affiliated with infamous racist and anti-Semite David Duke, a former KKK leader who ran for multiple elected offices in Louisiana. Reactionary head hunting aside, Scalise didn’t actually speak to the supremacist group in question but to a civic-association meeting before the racist conference began. The two happened to be in the same venue, but at different times. As National Review’s Quin Hillyer, who knows Scalise personally, sums up, “In short, the more we find out about that event, and about Scalise, the more this whole ‘scandal’ looks like a case of guilt not just by association, but by unintentional, second-degree association – a guilt wrongly assessed against a man with a long record of working not to divide the races but to bridge the differences between them.” Even Democrat Rep. Cedric Richmond of New Orleans said Scalise “does not have a racist bone in his body.” But never mind the facts when the Leftmedia can claim a Republican scalp. Still, Scalise took the high road and apologized, while condemning the supremacist group. Perhaps now the media could look into Democrat Sen. Cory Booker, whose website featured David Duke propaganda.

Cops Still Protesting de Blasio

When two NYPD police officers were assassinated last month in a racially motivated attack in retribution for the death of Eric Garner, it was clear the blame rested with the race-bait rhetoric spewed by Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and Bill de Blasio. New York City’s mayor particularly exasperated cops by blaming “centuries of racism” and criticizing law enforcement. When de Blasio visited the hospital where the bodies of the two officers were taken, other officers there turned their backs on him. They did so again at the funeral for Officer Rafael Ramos last Saturday – for which de Blasio was two hours late. No matter the sentiment, police commissioner Bill Bratton called the move “very inappropriate.” Former mayor Rudy Giuliani likewise said, “[It] doesn’t matter if you like the mayor or you hate the mayor, you have to respect the mayor’s position.” However, de Blasio’s main problem is that he hasn’t proved himself worthy of respect.

New Year Rings in Barrage of State Laws

Can we have just one year where lawmakers make a New Year’s resolution to trim the pork spending and simplify the law books? The first day of 2015 saw many laws go into effect around the nation, from raising the minimum wage in seven states to banning photographs with big cats in New York. Among the more burdensome pieces of legislation, New York residents are now required to recycle old electronics, and students in Nevada can lose their driving licenses if they skip school one too many times. There are, however laws to ensure government doesn’t micromanage daily life. The Associated Press reports, “In Utah, cities and towns can no longer ban specific dog breeds within their limits. At least 10 cities now have restrictions that ban ownership of breeds such as pit bulls.” And a Pennsylvania law goes into effect Jan. 5 that gives gun owners and the NRA more leverage in challenging – and ultimately repealing – burdensome local ordinances that tread on the Second Amendment. While some laws continue to ensure Liberty and Rule of Law, most of the legislation only adds meddlesome red tape. More…

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Have We Finally Turned the Corner?

The silver lining

As 2014 came to a close, it was all about economic good news. Leading off the parade: In December, the Dow Jones Industrial Average capped off a torrid year of 7.5% growth when it reached 18,000 for the first time. Meanwhile, GDP grew at a 4.6% annual rate in the second quarter and an even faster 5% in the third – a pace not seen since 2003. And on top of that, Americans saved $14 billion at the gas pump in 2014, and could save even more this year. Things are looking a bit brighter for 2015.

With all that economic good news, experts feel the job market will further strengthen in 2015 so the headline unemployment rate will slide ever closer to 5%. The labor market may remain a little bit soft as the long-term unemployed will be the last to find work, but as a whole it’s no wonder the Left is boasting of the “Obama boom.” Even those on the Right are admitting this may end the “Age of Suck.”

This general feeling of economic optimism is reflected in increasing consumer confidence. While some worried about sluggish Black Friday sales as well as slower than expected last-minute shopping at retailers as the Christmas season wound down, online purchasing was strong enough to keep sales right around their predicted growth rate for the 2014 season.

While some try to credit Barack Obama for the rebound, the good news is rooted in two areas the president has tried his best to obstruct.

One is an overall slowdown in government spending growth, which is declining as a percentage of GDP. Congress hasn’t done nearly enough to cut spending given its tendency to govern by continuing resolution rather than a set budget – meaning the Obama spending bonanza of 2009 and 2010 is the new minimum.

But as columnist David Harsanyi puts it, “After [2010], Congress, year by year, became one of the least productive in history. And the more unproductive Washington became, the more the economy began to improve.”

The key date is 2010, when Republicans took over the House. Harsanyi argues gridlock has created part of this improvement, and there’s a compelling argument for that point. Imagine what we may have been saddled with had Republicans not taken over the House in 2010: endless government “stimulus” programs, cap and trade, and a faster implementation of ObamaCare for starters – all leading to a national debt far larger than the already-astronomical one we’re facing now.

Another part of the economic rebound stems from lower oil prices, which have plummeted by nearly half in the last six months. That steep drop is now reflected in gas-pump prices, resulting in what Citigroup estimates as an average $1,150 annual boost to consumers. This boom could have been amplified still further if not for Obama’s stalling of the Keystone XL pipeline or his refusal to open up federally controlled land to oil exploration. An activist EPA also waits in the wings with the potential for crippling regulations similar to those imposed on the coal industry.

Obama can try his best, but no president has figured out a way to kill the American free enterprise system. Its resilience has brought us out of numerous depressions, panics, recessions and economic slumps over the years as enough people found a way to work through or around the situation.

We will begin to see the effects of a truly divided government, with Republicans now totally in charge of Congress and Obama threatening to veto more legislation. “I haven’t used the veto pen very often since I’ve been in office,” Obama not-so-subtly threatened last month. “Now, I suspect, there are going to be some times where I’ve got to pull that pen out.”

While the economy is improving – at least according to the numbers our government releases, if not necessarily everyone’s personal situation – it will be up to those respective sides to make the case why things could be even better if their vision prevails. It’s a battle that will be joined as contenders for the 2016 presidential election come onto the scene and spell out their plans to continue the momentum.

Obama’s New Year’s Resolution: More Obama

Barack Obama sat down with NPR before leaving for Hawaii for his lavish taxpayer-funded holiday to let people know he plans on staying the (golf) course in his final two years in office. The big takeaway from the 40-minute Leftmedia lovefest: He has no intention of changing his game plan.

Obama insists the reason the Democrats were beaten so badly in November was because they didn’t run on his record. “I’m obviously frustrated with the results of the midterm election,” he told NPR. “I think we had a great record for members of Congress to run on.”

Perhaps the president was referring to ObamaCare, which has never achieved any level of respect or approval from the American people. Broken websites, hidden fees, millions kicked off their insurance and a steadily growing bureaucratic nightmare that would make any Beltway pencil-pusher proud – these are just some of the elements of the fiasco that has become Obama’s signature piece of legislation.

Or maybe Obama was referring to the rebounding economy, which is indeed improved but still features tens of millions who have been unemployed for so long that they aren’t even counted in the nation’s official unemployment figures. This, together with literally thousands of new and existing federal regulations stifling small business growth, has laid the groundwork for the weakest economic recovery in modern American history.

Whatever skewed view Obama has about the state of domestic affairs, he feels liberated to continue pushing his agenda, which was soundly rejected by voters in 2010 and 2014. It sends a shudder down the spine to hear the president speak of his liberation from ever having to face voters again. Indeed, since November he has unilaterally acted to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants and lift the embargo against Cuba. He will have to defend these actions later this month when the Republican House and Senate come back to Washington, but he doesn’t seem the least bit bothered by that.

Obama’s ego, which is considerable, has been boosted as of late by a bump in poll numbers, no doubt fueled by supporters who are comfortable with his imperial presidency. That being the case, we can expect more executive actions and more attempts to bypass Congress and the Constitution to enact his agenda. “I’ve never been persuaded by this argument that if it weren’t for the executive actions they would have been more productive,” he told NPR. “There’s no evidence of that. So I intend to continue to do what I’ve been doing.”

Obama promises that he will use his veto power to protect ObamaCare and other actions that Democrats and federal officials created in the early years of his presidency. When asked about how he plans to work with Congress after several years of frosty relations, Obama said that he has no plans to change his course, but rather he hopes Republicans will change theirs. Clearly, we shouldn’t expect any major bipartisan agreements to come in the next two years.

Obama revealed that he is motivated more by cementing his own legacy for the history books than what is good for the country. His surprise lifting of the Cuba embargo, granted without any reciprocity from the Castro dictatorship, is a perfect example. While he says he has no plan to make the same overtures to Iran, Obama qualified his remarks with, “I never say never.” His meager attempts to squelch that country’s nuclear ambitions or its support of terrorism have given Iran the upper hand in any negotiation that may transpire in the next two years.

Republicans will have their hands full in dealing with the president. He has negated the concept of the lame-duck presidency not through political savvy but through imperial actions fueled by his narcissism.

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British novelist C.S. Lewis (1898-1963): “One school of psychology regards my religion as a neurosis. If this neurosis ever becomes inconvenient to Government, what is to prevent my being subjected to a compulsory ‘cure’? It may be painful; treatments sometimes are. But it will be no use asking, ‘What have I done to deserve this?’ The Straightener will reply: ‘But, my dear fellow, no one’s blaming you. We no longer believe in retributive justice. We’re healing you.’”

Mona Charen: “Recall that the 2005 best-seller ‘Freakonomics’ made a huge splash with the claim that Roe v. Wade was responsible for the drop in crime America experienced starting in the 1990s. The theory, simplified for space, was that fewer unwanted babies began to be born after 1973. These aborted babies did not turn 18 in 1991 and, accordingly, did not commit crimes, leading to the dramatic drop in crime. It turns out that the study on which the ‘Freakonomics’ authors based their chapter on abortion and crime was authored by none other than Jonathan Gruber (and others). … Considering that 30 percent of abortions are obtained by African-American women, though they constitute just 13 percent of the female population, Gruber was in effect arguing that reducing the number of poor black children was, not to put too fine a point on it, a positive good. One cannot begin to imagine the outcry if a conservative academic (that rare specimen) had published similar conclusions with such sang-froid. … [W]hat’s more revealing is the casual readiness to calculate lost lives as so many numbers on a balance sheet. If it makes you uncomfortable that such a person helped design Obamacare, you’re not alone.”

Victor Davis Hanson: “Oilmen, not the government, returned hundreds of billions of dollars to American consumers. They, not Ivy League experts and Wall Street grandees, kick-started the economy where federal subsidies had failed to. They, not the policies of the Obama administration or the rhetoric of Secretary of State John Kerry, weakened our enemies. Almost everything Obama tried for six years in an effort to rev the economy – from near-zero interest rates and $1 trillion annual budget deficits to Obamacare and vast increases in entitlements – has failed. His foreign-policy stances of resets and leading from behind led to chaos and emboldened enemies. Yet the United States economy is slowly recovering with cheap energy. Consumers have more money. Industries are returning to U.S. soil. … What Obama once ridiculed is now saving him from himself – after he had championed policies that nearly destroyed him. The Greeks had a word for it: irony.”

Comedian Argus Hamilton: “Obama took off for Hawaii on a two-week vacation where he will relax with his pals, play golf, watch a lot of football and basketball on TV and catch up on movies. Doesn’t he ever like to change things around? The idea of a vacation is to get away from your day-to-day routine.”

Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis!

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