Afghanistan War Ends – Taliban Claim Victory

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Way back in March of 2008, almost seven years ago now, I did something I rarely did. I left a comment at an Internet Blog Site, this site here in fact. I have a good friend who lives in Stockton in California, someone I had known for almost three years at that time, and we shared emails on a daily basis, in fact, sometimes many emails in a day. He would send me links to articles he thought would interest me. One of them was the article at this link. I read the article, and I felt the need to reply to the article with a comment of my own, something I rarely did, as I was still only a novice when working my way around the Internet. That comment went into moderation, and when the site owner checked it and published the comment, he sent me an email, asking if he could make that comment a dedicated Post of its own, also asking me if I would like to contribute more Posts on a regular basis. I emailed a reply that this was okay with me, and that I had never done anything like this, blogging, before, and I wouldn’t even know where to start. The rest, as they say, is history. I now have more than 1500 Posts that I have contributed here, and in fact, probably more than that even, and this is the only site I contribute Posts to, other than the occasional Guest Post at an Australian site.

That Post is at this link, and while nearly seven years old, it is as relevant today as it was then, and bears reading again. It was about the ongoing War in Afghanistan, and just in the last couple of days, NATO and the U.S. have finally placed a line under this War, and have pulled out, effectively saying that the War is now over.

As a result of that there was the article at this link on the News here in Australia overnight, and I immediately thought of that original Post of mine all those years ago. This new article has a short audio clip attached to it, and listen carefully to that audio. In it, as in the short article, it says that the Taliban have issued a statement claiming victory in this long running conflict.20120507_050712_an_taliban_640

In my original Post from 2008, I was referring to this current conflict in Afghanistan, and what would would happen if there was a withdrawal, either before the War was decisively won, or when political leaders thought that it was time to withdraw, and in that Post I mentioned the following:

However, the bad guys haven’t forgotten. Their part of the marketing war goes something like this. “See how those cowards run off home as soon as we make it tough for them. They just surrender, and we have won a famous victory.”

So, overnight, this is almost exactly what the Taliban have done, in claiming that they are the victors in this War.

I can see politicians, President Obama foremost among them, all across the U.S. welcoming home these soldiers, basking in their reflected glory for a stump speech occasion. As soon as the soldiers march off, I can see that politician then turning to his advisers and saying ….. “Next!” Then rubbing his hands and saying that it’s over now, I brought the troops home, and now we can all just forget about it all, and move on to something else.

It’s absolutely shameful that politicians will take all the credit for this, when there is no credit to be had by anyone at all.

I also distinctly remember an Australian TV media outlet having a ‘scoop’ style interview many years back now, even before I wrote my original Post. After a long time setting up this interview, that TV crew finally did set up an interview with a Taliban tribal warlord. The warlord sat there with his Kalashnikov sitting on his lap while the interviewer asked questions through a translator. This warlord was not in the least worried about the immense Western force lined up against them in Afghanistan. The interviewer actually sounded almost condescending in his manner of putting his questions to the warlord, as if how could you, a small group of poorly organised untrained men take on such an enormous well equipped and well trained Army, something the warlord just shrugged off. Towards the end of the interview, the Australian journalist asked what would happen after the Western forces finished off this conflict and all went back home, after wiping them all out. The warlord without even flinching said that they would just continue the fight and resume control in their Country. The interviewer, almost incredulous at such seeming boldness then asked the warlord how long it would take after the withdrawal for them to resume fighting. The warlord’s reply was this.

“When the Sun rises on the following morning after they leave.”

It seems that is exactly what will happen, while Western politicians glow in the glory of having ‘done and dusted’ this War.