The Chinese President Is A Better Friend To Australia Than This U.S. One

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~


Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Chinese President Xi Jinping at the recent G20 Summit in Brisbane Australia.

Greg Sheridan nails the poseur from Washington:

A U.S. President comes to Australia with the specific intention of damaging the Australian government politically on climate change, while a Chinese President comes here with nothing but gifts.

Xi Jinping’s accomplished, well-considered speech to the Australian Parliament yesterday contained no references to climate change and no implicit criticism of Australia. After all, there are other forums for that issue, and China is not committed to any carbon emissions targets and why would you go out of your way to embarrass your host?

The contrast with Barack Obama was staggering. More than that, Xi Jinping was charming, respectful and helpful to all Australians he mentioned. He completed the free-trade agreement, which is a big win for both countries. But more generally his speech was one of reassurance and reasonable ambition.

It takes some doing for an American President to seem a worse and more graceless guest than a Chinese President. A small sign of the decline of the U.S. under Obama.


Dennis Shanahan:

Two speeches from the two Presidents of the most powerful countries on earth delivered within two days of each other on Australian soil could not have been more ­different.

The first, delivered on Saturday at the G20 summit, from one of our strongest allies and closest friends, was an act of political ­bastardry which distracted attention from the summit’s success and dropped Tony Abbott into a nightmare of domestic politics.

The real import of Barack Obama’s speech and long-term strategic message was sacrificed for rhetorical showmanship and U.S. domestic considerations.

The second, delivered yesterday in Parliament House, was a historic advance in Australia’s trade and international relations, worth billions of dollars, and an underwriting of a new level of our strategic place in Asia. It was an act of pragmatic optimism with an eye to the future…

While some have suggested Obama’s speech from an old friend will ring through the generations, it’s more likely Xi’s speech from a respected old foe will be remembered in substance for much longer.

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