Obama’s Fake Promise To Spend On A Fake Climate Problem

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Global Warming PoliticsAustralia’s Left are ecstatic that Barack Obama has spoiled Tony Abbott’s party, putting global warming on the G20 agenda with an alarmist speech and the promise of $3 billion to a climate fund:

BARACK Obama has moved to thrust climate change to the centre of the global political agenda in the middle of the Brisbane G20 meetings pledging $3 billion to a global climate fund.

The US President used a speech in Brisbane today at the University of Queensland to push the world to do more on climate change.

His comments before the start of the G20 meeting came as United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki Moon described climate change as the “defining issue of our times’’…

Greens Leader Christine Milne said President Obama’s realism on global warming had shown up the “small-minded’’ Australian leader.

The Financial Review’s Laura Tingle gloats:

Conservatives, including in the Abbott Government, enjoy the discomfort that US President Barack Obama feels at the loss of any control of the US Congress…

Unfortunately for our Prime Minister, however, Barack Obama has delivered a rather humiliating exercise in power politics over the weekend: showing how leadership and power lies in setting and controlling an agenda… Whatever the G20 communique says about climate change, everyone will know our prime minister – rather than leading and shaping the debate – dragged kicking and screaming to it.

Small problem. What’s Obama’s promise worth when the Congress is against?

Sen. Jim Inhofe, the incoming chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, vowed to fight the pledge, which he said was part of a climate-change agenda that’s “siphoned precious taxpayer dollars away from the real problems facing the American people.”…

Bloomberg last week quoted an aide for incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as saying “On the president’s desire to send the U.N. a ton of money, I’ve never heard the leader endorse that approach.”

In a statement today, McConnell spokesman Don Stewart said the pledge would be “part of the regular appropriations review and would have to compete with priorities.”

“Just because the President announces it doesn’t mean Congress will pass it,” he said.

Once again, we see a key divide between the Left and conservatives – an obsession with seeming over doing. The Left is impressed by a seeming promise to seem to do something about what seems a problem. Conservatives note that it’s actually a highly qualified promise to spend unaffordable money on largely non-solutions to an unlikely problem.

Oh, and how rude is Obama to take on Abbott with politicking on a visit?

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