The Ebola Message Doesn’t Match These Precautions

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

AA - EbolaI don’t trust the authorities’ claims that it is virtually impossible to contact Ebola through casual contact when we see the houses of patients in the West being sprayed and nurses contracting the disease even after taking elaborate precautions.

And this doesn’t help at all:

Dr. Tom Frieden, director for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said during a telephone press briefing Wednesday that you cannot get Ebola by sitting next to someone on a bus, but that infected or exposed persons should not ride public transportation because they could transmit the disease to someone else.

Given that, this strikes me as irresponsible grandstanding by the Australian Greens and the Australian Labor Party:

Labor will increase pressure on the Abbott government to do more to help fight the Ebola outbreak in west Africa by publicly calling for the government to deploy medical assistance teams.

Labor’s deputy leader and foreign affairs spokeswoman, Tanya Plibersek, and health spokeswoman Catherine King will write to Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop and Health Minister Peter Dutton on Thursday to request they immediately make arrangements to deploy Australian personnel to the region…

Mr Abbott told reporters on Sunday his government would not send doctors and nurses to west Africa until it could be “absolutely confident that all of the risks are being properly managed”, adding it would be “irresponsible” for the government to send personnel to the region at this time.

Ms Bishop has previously cited the government’s inability to safely evacuate any Australian personnel who might be infected with the virus in west Africa.

And when those aid workers come home? Pray that our own precautions are far more professional that those taken so far by the Obama Administration:

US authorities are in a desperate race to track down 131 passengers of a domestic flight after it emerged that a Texas nurse with the Ebola virus flew across the Midwest a day before she was diagnosed…

Amber Joy Vinson, 29, was actively engaged in caring for Thomas Eric Duncan in the days before his death on October 8. Records show she inserted catheters, drew blood, and dealt with Mr Duncan’s body fluids. Kent State University in Ohio, where three of Ms Vinson’s relatives work, confirmed she was the latest patient on Wednesday…

The news came as the largest nurses’ union said nurses treating Mr Duncan worked for days without proper protective gear… Nurses were forced to use medical tape to secure openings in their flimsy garments, worried that their necks and heads were exposed as they cared for Mr Duncan, who had diarrhoea and projectile vomiting, said Deborah Burger of National Nurses United.

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