Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Praises Coal. Next: Point Out The Warming Facts

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Tony Abbott is absolutely right:

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Coal is vital for the future energy needs of the world. Energy is critical if the world is to continue to grow and prosper. so let’s have no demonisation of coal. Coal is good for humanity. Coal is good for prosperity. Coal is an essential part of our economic future here in Australia.

The Prime Minister’s argument would be even more compelling if he pointed out the world’s atmosphere hasn’t heated in 16 years and the deep ocean in nine.

But cue the usual protests on the ABC, with commentator Paul Bongiorno on Radio National Breakfast going on about “consensus”, “transition” to a “clean energy future” and everything else except that fact that the warming has stopped and we couldn’t do much about it anyway.


ABC 774’s Jon Faine in full warmist torrent, claiming “coal is threatening the future of humanity”. He even claims China is weaning itself off coal, as witnessed by its decision to impose a new tax on coal imports.

But Terry McCrann sets out the facts about that new tariff – and China’s coal consumption:

China wants to keep its own massive — inefficient and (really) dirty — coal industry operating…

The climate hysterics, led by The Age and our own Business Spectator, keep shouting that China is: “taking action on climate change”.

It’s supposed to be taking this action by making massive commitments to wind and solar and aggressively closing down “dirty” coal-fired stations and coal mines — such that our climate change policy will be left embarrassingly and antisocially behind and our coal mines stranded with no customers.

Never mind the facts. That even the most “massive” investment by China in wind and solar will still leave coal-fired power not only overwhelmingly the main source of energy, but a source that will keep increasing over time and all-but literally forever.

That yes, it has been closing down coal-fired stations — but small, inefficient and really dirty ones, the sort that really do spew grits into the air over Beijing and Shanghai and everywhere else, along with the pure life-enhancing CO2. Closing those ones down, and replacing them with modern, efficient and much bigger, but still coal-fired, stations which don’t spew the grit, but still pump out — indeed, even more — CO2.

The International Energy Agency actually expects China’s coal use to rise for another decade before stabilising – not shrinking:

[Coal] demand expands by one-third in non-OECD countries – predominantly in India, China and the ASEAN region – despite China reaching a plateau after 2025.


Again, where is the balance on the ABC? Where are the presenters editorialising for coal to match those ranting against it?

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