Australian Labor Party Leader Bill Shorten Sounds Like The Lost Soldier Still Fighting World War 2

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Australia is currently in the process of debating the replacement of its aging Submarine fleet of Collins Class submarines. The debate is whether to build them here from an approved design from another Country, or to purchase the submarines ‘Off The Shelf’. One of those submarines on the approved list is a Japanese design submarine, and the current Government is canvassing the idea of buying them outright instead of constructing them under license here in Australia, a vastly more expensive process. Bill Shorten leads the ALP (Australian Labor Party) the Party on the left side of politics here in Australia, and after being beaten in the last Federal election are the main Opposition party in the Australian Parliament…..TonyfromOz.

What the hell is Opposition Leader Bill Shorten playing at when using this argument to oppose buying cheaper and better submarines from Japan?

Australian Government Leader Of The Opposition Bill Shorten (Australian Labor Party)

Australian Government Leader Of The Opposition Bill Shorten (Australian Labor Party)

“This is a government with a short memory,” he said. ”In the Second World War, 366 merchant ships were sunk off Australia.”

That is a line you’d expect from a rabble-rousing shop steward and not an alternative prime minister.


Still fighting the revolution, too:

“Why is the Prime Minister placing the interests of nine mining companies over the interests of almost nine million working Australians?” Shorten asked in question time last Wednesday. “Why does the Prime Minister back nine mining companies over nine million people? Why is the Prime Minister placing the interests of one billionaire ahead of the interests of nine million working Australians?”

It is impossible to imagine Paul Keating, Hawke, Hayden or Chifley framing a question around the naked premise that a business ­accumulates wealth by robbing the workers.

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