Global Warmists Are 99.999 Per Cent Sure Of What Isn’t Actually Explained

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

The latest Global Warming scare from serial offender Peter Hannam of the Sydney Morning Herald:

What are the chances the world could clock up 353 consecutive months with average temperatures higher than the norm of the 20th century without humans being responsible?

CSIRO’s now-defunct climate adaptation flagship crunched the numbers and found the chances were less than one in 100,000.

In other words, there’s a 99.999 per cent certainty that human activities – from burning fossil fuels to land-clearing – are responsible for the warming conditions.

For a start, note the misleading language: – “responsible for the warming conditions” – falsely implying our gases are responsible for all the warming and not part of the warming.

But once again, note also the missing context, supplied here by The Hockey Schtick:



Fundamental problems with this claim [which is basically the falsified IPCC attribution claim of 95% certainty on steroids] include:

There is no statistical difference between the rate of warming over the 27 years from 1917-1944 and the 25 years from 1975/1976 to 2000:

Read on.

And, of course, there is this inconvenient truth:


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